Yojimbo (用心棒Yōjinbō) is a 1961 film directed by Japanese Director Akira Kurosawa. The title means in the Dutch "bodyguard". The western A Fistful of Dollars (1964) and Sergio Leone 's gangster film Last Man Standing (1996) by Walter Hill are both a Hollywood version of this movie.

Kurosawa made the successor In 1962 Sanjuro.


 [verbergen*1 Story


roninSamurai without a master, arrives in a small village, where two rival crime bosses have power and make money with gambling. The Samurai Sanjuro Kuwabatake himself, who calls, manages to find a job in both crime bosses. He is their personal protector.

With a sly tactics and with the help of his sword he succeeds in every two crime families against each other. Thanks to the Samurai hit the two rivals getting involved with bloody confrontations, which ultimately as good as no one more remains of the two crime families.

Division Of Roles[Edit]Edit


For this film, Director Akira Kurosawa was inspired by various movies. The film is in the field of style heavily influenced by westerns, and particularly the westerns of John Ford. The presence of an introverted, lonelyprotagonist was also already in previous films by Kurosawa there.

For the story left a Kurosawa was inspired by the film noir The Glass Key (1942). Also the novel Red Harvest by writer Dashiell Hammett was used as a source of inspiration for this film. Hammett also wrote the novel on which the film The Glass Key is based.


Many films over the years have made references to this movie.


Venice Film festival (1961)

Academy Awards (1962)


  • Director George Lucas, creator of Star Wars, is a big fan of Akira Kurosawa and referred in many of his movies to the Japanese. Since Yojimbo on the novel "Red Harvest" by Dashiell Hammett based, got the Star Warsaflevering of Family Guy entitled "Blue Harvest".
  • Akira Kurosawa wanted his employees came up with something making it immediately knew he was a main character in dangerous village arrived. The staff always came up with ideas that were already used in other movies. In the end it was Kurosawa himself who decided to get a dog with a human hand in his mouth to image.
  • Kurosawa Toshiro Mifune 's character compared with a wolf or a dog and Tatsuya Nakadai 's character with a snake. This is the reason why Toshire always about his shoulder looks, like Mifune a dog who suffers from fleas.

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