Yibeltal Admassu (1st January 1980) is an Ethiopian athlete, who specializes in the 10,000 metres and cross-country running.

Admassu ended In 2001 as the fourth in the 10,000 m at the World Championships in Canada. Since he came to the professional top take part in elections, he has twice taken the stage from 2004.


[hide]*1 Titles


  • World Champion cross country running 2004

Personal bests[Edit]Edit


Part Performance Date Place
5000 m 13: 11.34 2 June 2004 Milan
10,000 m 27: 41.82 8 June 2004 Ostrava


Part Performance Date Place
3000 m 7: 52.49 3 February 2002 Stuttgart


10,000 m[Edit]Edit

  • 2001: 4th WORLD CUP-27.55, 24
  • 2004: [1]African championships-28.28, 69

cross country running[Edit]Edit

  • 1998: 4th WORLD CUP junionren-22.53
  • 1999: 10th World Junior Championships-26.28
  • 2001: 14th World Championships (long distance)-40.49
  • 2003; 37th World Championships (long distance)-38.59
  • 2004: 8th World Championships (long distance)-36.52

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