Wycombe Wanderers Football Club is an English football club based in High WycombeBuckinghamshire.


[hide]*1 History


The club was founded in 1887 by a group of furniture makers. In 1895 the club took the stadium Loakes Park in use and a year later they joined the Southern League but they had little success because there are many professional clubs were. In 1908 moved Wycombe to the Suburban League and after the first world war to the Spartan League. After to have become champion here added the club joined the Isthmian League in 1921. Although the club in 1931 won the FA Amateur Cup it would be to take the first of 8 1956 Isthmian League titles was won.

In 1985 they were promoted to the Football Conference and relegated after one season, but could also return again after one season. Five years later it was exchanged for the current Adams Park Loaks Park Stadium and was Martin O'Neill trainer. With him the club win the FA Trophy twice and finally promotion to the Football League.

The entry into the Football League was a great success and Wycombe promoted straight to the 3rd class. There was promotion to the second division just missed and left O'Neill in 1995 the club. The following seasons the club was a mid-table Club but could hold out in the 3rd class. In the season 2000/01 the club reached the semi-finals of the FA Cup where Liverpool FC was too strong in the end. The club was relegated In 2004 after 10 seasons from the 3rd class.

the first season in the new League Two was mediocre with a 10th place but it ran smoothly in 2005/06 and the first 21 games of the League the club remained undefeated.During the 2nd half of the season the club got to camps with setbacks. On 14 January 2006 while the club played against Notts County died Player Mark Philo, the 21-year-old midfielder who had a heavy car accident the day before.

Hereinafter referred to as the club lost 6 times in a row and made so no more chances on automatic promotion and was 6th, in the playoffs Cheltenham Town was too strong. They were promoted In 2009 after a third place. In 2010 the club relegated back to the Football League Two. In the season 2010/11 ended Wycombe Wanderers on a third place, making it again promoted to League One, where it immediately relegated after one season.


  • 1896-97 -joined Southern League Division Two
  • 1908-09 – joined the Great Western Suburban League
  • 1919-20 -joined Spartan League
  • 1921-22 -joined Isthmian League after two opeenvolgden Spartan League titles
  • 1930-31 - FA Amateur Cup Winner
  • 1953-54 – was just no runners-up by worse goal difference
  • 1955-56 -Isthmian League champions
  • 1956-57 -Isthmian League champions; FA Amateur Cup runner-up
  • 1957-58 -Isthmian League runner-up
  • 1959-60 -Isthmian League runner-up
  • 1969-70 -Isthmian League runner-up
  • 1970-71 -Isthmian League champions
  • 1971-72 -Isthmian League champions
  • 1973-74 -Isthmian League champions
  • 1974-75 -Isthmian League champions (based on goal difference)
  • 1975-76 -Isthmian League runner-up
  • 1976-77 -Isthmian League runner-up
  • 1981-82 - FA Trophy semi-finalist
  • 1982-83 -Isthmian League champions
  • 1985-86 – promoted to Alliance Premier League, relegated after one season
  • 1986-87 -Isthmian League champions (8th time)
  • 1987-88 – back to Conference (ex-Alliance Premier League)
  • 1990-91 -FA Trophy Winners
  • 1991-92 -Conference runner-up (missed title and promotion to Football League on the basis of goal difference)
  • 1992-93 -Conference champions; FA Trophy Winners; Promotion to Football League Division Three
  • 1993-94 -Promotion Division Two after play-offs (Final-Wycombe Wanderers 4 Preston North End 2 in Wembley)
  • 2000-01 - FA Cup semi-finalist
  • 2003-04 – relegated to Division Three, which was now "League Two"
  • 2008-09 -promotion to League One
  • 2009-10 -relegation to League Two
  • 2010-11 -promotion to League One


Notable former players[Edit]Edit


See thelist of players from Wycombe Wanderers FC for a list of players who play or have played for the club.

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