The women's United Soccer Association (often abbreviated to WUSA) was a women's Soccer League in the United States from 2000 to 2003. The League was the first in the world that professional went.


Because the American women's national football team in 1999 won the 1999 FIFA Women's World Cup , the players in the National League with the question whether there is a professional League could be set up. The 20 players are: Michelle AkersBrandi ChastainTracy DucarLorrie FairJoy FawcettDani elle FotopoulosJulie FoudyMia Hamm,Kristine LillyShannon MacMillanGary MilbrettCarla OverbeckCindy ParlowChristie PearceTiffany RobertsBriana ScurryKate SobreroTisha VenturiniSaskia Webberand Sara Whalen.

Participating teams[Edit]Edit

Team Special Feature
Atlanta Beat
Boston Breakers
Carolina Courage Would actually going to be called Orlando Tempest in Orlando (Florida)
New York Power
Philadelphia Charge
San Diego Spirit
San Jose CyberRays If Bay Area CyberRays in 2001
Washington Freedom


Season Champion Final Results Runner-up
2001 Bay Area CyberRays 3-3 (n.v.)

4-2 (n.s.)

Atlanta Beat
2002 Carolina Courage 3-2 Washington Freedom
2003 Washington Freedom 2-1 (Inc) Atlanta Beat

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