BBC Light Programme

9th March 1962

14.00 - 15.00: WOMAN'S HOUR

In Friday Style

Frank Partington reads Richard Hughes 's short story ' A Night at a Cottage ' and From the West Daphne Hubbard introduces

Home Made: Meryl Bendle describes the hazards of building your own house

Unbarring the Way: Rosemary Burnett was a tollgate keeper

Therapy Through Industry: Alaric Jones tells how some Bristol firms are helping mental patients back into the world

How Old?: Marjorie Ebrill recalls the baffling problem of grown-ups' ages

Points From the Post-bag: discussed by Ralph Wightman and Stella Dyer


Unknown: Frank Partington

Unknown: Richard Hughes

Introduces: Daphne Hubbard

Unknown: Meryl Bendle

Unknown: Rosemary Burnett

Unknown: Alaric Jones

Unknown: Marjorie Ebrill

Unknown: Ralph Wightman

Unknown: Stella Dyer