BBC Light Programme

31st January 1962

14.00 - 15.00: WOMAN'S HOUR

Introduced by Marjorie Anderson and including

Guest of the Week: Dame Irene Ward , D.B.E., M.P.

How Does It Feel To Win the Pools?: Diana Graves asks Keith and Vivian Nicholson

Village Idiom: some reflections about turns of phrase by Jessie Hunt

The Sort of Youngster We Look For: three theatre people attempt definitions

About Marriage: The Rev. Vernon Mitchell and Evelyn Home discuss points from the post-bag

John Witty reads from 'The Killer Mine' by Hammond Innes

The third of ten instalments

The second and fourth items are recorded


Introduced By: Marjorie Anderson

Unknown: Dame Irene Ward

Unknown: Diana Graves

Unknown: Vivian Nicholson

Unknown: Jessie Hunt

Unknown: Vernon Mitchell

Unknown: Hammond Innes