BBC Light Programme

2nd January 1962

14.00 - 15.00: WOMAN'S HOUR Introduced by Teresa McGonagle and including

The Standby System: described by Nancy Spain

Monday Closing — Boon or Bane?: Doreen King talks to people on both sides of the counter

Wife Away: Edmond Parkin on keeping house

Beware of Bargains: Mary Hill 's advice to shoppers

Reading Your Letters

Commonsense for the New Housewife: 1-About fire protection

Wilfred Pickles reads from

' Value for Money' by Derrick Boothroyd 
The second of ten instalments 
The serial is recorded 


Introduced By: Teresa McGonagle

Unknown: Edmond Parkin

Unknown: Mary Hill

Unknown: Wilfred Pickles

Unknown: Derrick Boothroyd