BBC Light Programme

29th January 1962

14.00 - 15.00: WOMAN'S HOUR

Introduced by Marjorie Anderson

Woman-Our Customer: Michael Pearson discovers her public image from some sales experts

Anything to Declare?: John Merrett 's experience in a New York customs shed

Answering Your Questions

Did They Say That: Moultrie Kelsall comments on recent speeches

Keep fit: with Eileen Fowler. Join in the class, accompanied by Helen Shields at the piano 'The Killer Mine'

Hammond Innes 's book abridged by Neville Teller

Read by John Witty

The first of ten instalments

The serial is recorded


Introduced By: Marjorie Anderson

Unknown: Michael Pearson

Unknown: John Merrett

Unknown: Moultrie Kelsall

Unknown: Eileen Fowler.

Accompanied By: Helen Shields

Unknown: Hammond Innes

Abridged By: Neville Teller

Read By: John Witty