BBC Light Programme

23rd February 1962

14.00 - 15.00: Woman's Hour

in Friday Style

Dame Edith Evans reads the last instalment of ' Bird of Paradise' by Ada Leverson and Nan Winton presents items including:

Worth Waving a Flag For: presenting members of the public

Periodicals for Pet Lovers: Ann Codrington takes a look at recent magazines

Answering Your Questions

Letter to Someone Else's Daughter: from Wendy Dewar-Durie

A Favourite Short Story: Elizabeth Berridge chooses 'I Spy' by Graham Greene, read by Hugh Dickson

The serial is recorded


Unknown: Dame Edith Evans

Unknown: Ada Leverson

Unknown: Nan Winton

Unknown: Wendy Dewar-Durie

Unknown: Elizabeth Berridge

Unknown: Graham Greene

Read By: Hugh Dickson

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