BBC Light Programme

15th February 1962

14.00 - 15.00: WOMAN'S HOUR

Introduced by Marjorie Anderson and including

Out of the News: Involving a topic of interest

A Narrow Hall and Staircase: more ideas from John Siddeley

In Someone Else's Shoes: Kaye Webb tries her hand as an emergency helper

Escort Duty: as experienced by Thena Heshel

Reading Your Letters

Worth Waving a Flag For: second in a series presenting members of the public

Dame Edith Evans reads from ' Bird of Paradise' by Ada Leverson

The fourth of ten instalment*

The fourth item is recorded


Introduced By: Marjorie Anderson

Unknown: John Siddeley

Unknown: Kaye Webb

Unknown: Thena Heshel

Unknown: Dame Edith Evans