BBC Light Programme

14th February 1962

14.00 - 15.00: WOMAN'S HOUR

with hearts and flowers on St. Valentine's Day

Presented by Marjorie Anderson

Guest of the Week: Aunt Valentine talks to lonely hearts

The Way to a Man's Heart: some culinary routes suggested by Martine Legge , Antonia Ridge , Taya Zinkin , Ba Mason, and Joan Yorke

Voices and Verses: on gramophone records

A Proposal in 1885: recalled by Maud Anderson

11 Faut Souffrir ...: struggles in the battle for beauty recalled by Jay Taylor , Ann Kingsbury , and Greta Lamb

Dame Edith Evans reads from ' Bird of Paradise' by Ada Leverson

The third of ten instalments

The fifth item is recorded


Presented By: Marjorie Anderson

Unknown: Martine Legge

Unknown: Antonia Ridge

Unknown: Taya Zinkin

Unknown: Joan Yorke

Recalled By: Maud Anderson

Recalled By: Jay Taylor

Recalled By: Ann Kingsbury

Recalled By: Greta Lamb

Unknown: Dame Edith Evans