BBC Light Programme

12th February 1962

14.00 - 15.00: WOMAN'S HOUR

from the North of England

Introduced by Elizabeth Emerson

Portrait of a Northcountry Individualist: William Holt , writer, painter, and traveller

The Kitchen Left Behind: three talks by June Green, Peggy Jones , and Hazel Chew

The Fighting Spirit: Ronald Lloyd talks to Millicent Isherwood

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' Bird of Paradise '

Ada Leverson 's book abridged by Thea Holme read by Dame Edith Evans

The first of ten instalments


Introduced By: Elizabeth Emerson

Unknown: William Holt

Unknown: Peggy Jones

Talks: Ronald Lloyd

Unknown: Millicent Isherwood

Unknown: Ada Leverson

Abridged By: Thea Holme

Read By: Dame Edith Evans