BBC Light Programme

10th January 1962

14.00 - 15.00: WOMAN'S HOUR

Introduced by Teresa McGonagle and including

Guest of the Week: Brigadier Jean Rivett-Drake , Director of the Women's Royal Army Corps

The Sort of Youngster We Look For: three hospital matrons attempt definitions

The Miseries of Human Life: observations from Olivia Man ning, Ba Mason, and Paul Jennings

Through the Looking Glass: a reflection of Diana Graves

Reading Your Letters Continued in next column

Parrots at Dawn: Barbara Sykes recalls life in the Mexican jungle

Wilfred Pickles reads from 'Value for Money' by Derrick Boothroyd

The eighth of ten instalments

The third, fourth, and sixth items are recorded


Introduced By: Teresa McGonagle

Unknown: Jean Rivett-Drake

Unknown: Olivia Man

Unknown: Paul Jennings

Unknown: Barbara Sykes

Unknown: Wilfred Pickles

Unknown: Derrick Boothroyd