Watership Down is a book by Richard Adams, published in 1972. The book tells the journey and building a newcolony by a group of rabbits. Adams based his story, as he tells in the accountability on the book the life of rabbits by R.M. Lockley, in which much is told about the daily lives of rabbits. The book has a command: "For Juliet and Rosamond because of the road to Stratford-on-Avon". About the book were a movie and a TV series made. The series differs significantly from the original story.


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The story is told from the perspective of the rabbits and has some special style and story aspects. So begins each chapter with one or more quotes by Henry Vaughan,Napoleon Bonaparte and ShakespeareWilliam Blake.

It is striking that the rabbits have a partly own vocabulary, or that some of the words in the story by the author as "untranslatable" be written: so they know a Auwsla (Pathfinderpolice, sometimes even army), the dastan (enemies) and a hroedoedoe (tractor or other motor vehicle).

Creation story and myths[Edit]Edit

The rabbits have a own creation story. The World is created by Frith and Frith created all animals any place: the Starling and the Kestrel and the Fox and the rabbit were friends and ate all grass, which was present in abundance. El-Ahrairah was the father of all the rabbits, but gave no response when Frith asked him to rein in his subjects: the number of rabbits grew too hard. El-ahrairah refused to listen to Frith and not at the meeting also came that Frith kept to all the animals a gift. The Blackbird and the cow got a beautiful song its sharp horns. The Foxweasel and stoat got the cleverness, ferocity and desire to kill and to hunt on the children of El-ahrairah. El-ahrairah and Frith came to end when it is in a cave blocked, El-ahrairah Frith blessed the posterior: its tail was white and shiny and with its large legs he stomped on the Hill ground. His rear would forever its strength, warning and speed are and always the life of the command of Frith got El-ahrairah rescue.

The characters who play a role in this creation story, by braiding the other mythical stories rabbits tell each other, such as "the story of the ordeal of El-ahrairah" and "the story of the King". El-ahrairah usually plays a leading role and retrieves Wiles and quirks out, in order to escape his enemies or to get things done.

An important other rabbit in these stories is the Black Rabbit, that symbolizes the death: this rabbit is particularly central to "the story of El-ahrairah and the black Rabbit of Inlé". The story of the black rabbit is similar to the story of grim reaper as people know.

The story[Edit]Edit

Read warning: text below contains details about the content and/or the end of the story.

Watership down tells the story of the journey that a group of rabbits is, after one of the rabbits, Fiver (Fiver) called, had a premonition of a great danger that threatened the colony Sandelvoorde. Under the leadership of Hazel (Hazel) left the band rabbits in the middle of the night the old colony. Their flight carries them through dark forests, over rivers, by a field and they end up eventually in beans a field, where they start digging new caves. Soon they get a visit from an unknown rabbit, Primrose (Cowslip). Primrose invites the group to join his colony, to add a little further. The Group decides to take a look, but the new colony appears to be a strange place to be. The rabbits who live there, are nowhere worry about, do not believe in the existence of El-ahrairah and many caves are empty, despite the fact that daily by a farmer near is left behind. Fiver again gets nasty visions and discovered the reasons behind the Group of rabbits as Boss (Bigwig) ends up in a bow and narrowly escaped death. They decide not to stay in the colony and strawberry joins them from the colony. Together they go on the road again and roam the landscape until they find a hill, of which Fiver finds that their place is. The Group has come to rely on intuition and Vijfjes starts to dig burrows.

Captain Holly (Holly) Sandelvoorde of the Auwsla of their old colony comes, more dead than alive, along with Grass Bell at the group. Holly tells the terrible story of the gasification of the old colony, done by people to make room for new construction. Holly and recover slowly from their injuries, Grass clock while building the new colony gets going. The Group realizes that they are still very vulnerable and actually more females need to remain. Free them some rabbits from a nearby barn and help with a ruse to flee other rabbits from Efrafa, another colony of Watership down, a few days travel away. In Efrafra there is a very strict regime and the escape is not readily accepted them. The Efrafranen decide to attack Watership down, but with the help of friends who have made the rabbits during their travels and wanderings, including a mouse and a Seagull, Kehaar, they overcome. Hazel is referred to by the Group accepted as Of rabbit and now there are enough females, living there after short time young families on Watership down.

A few Springs later visited by El-Ahrairah is Hazel, which at that time the figure of the black rabbit has but recognizable to the silver light in his ears that Frith he previously received. El-Ahrairah invites him to join him and member of his Auwsla to be. Hazel takes the invitation to and follows the rabbit in the darkness.

Things Worth Knowing[Edit]Edit

[1][2]Nuthanger Farm

The locations from Watership down really exist, in the North of the English County of Hampshire, near Kingsclere, southwest of London. Richard Adams spent his youth in that environment by.

A part of the story takes place in a farm, Nuthanger Farm. The residents are the couple Cane, their daughter and their servants. Further there is a doctor on Adams, which as well as the writer is called. The writer says in the preface that the farm really exists, but that residents are fantasized. However, the doctor is not mentioned, this is probably based on his father, who was a general practitioner in rural England. [1]

On the book is the animated film Watership down , from 1978, based, which follows the book fairly accurate. The title song, Bright Eyes, was written by Mike Batt, sung by Art Garfunkel and became an international hit.

There is a CITV in 1999 by animation television series to the book made of 39 episodes in 3 seasons. The series contains a large number of new characters and completely new story lines.

Richard Adams wrote in 1996 a sequel to Watership downTales from Watership down .

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