Treehouse of Horror is the name of the Halloween episodes from the American animated television series The Simpsons.

The first Treehouse of Horror was aired in the second season of The Simpsons. Each season contained that was followed by becoming a Treehouse of Horror episode with a numbering in Roman numerals. In the seventeenth season was so Treehouse of Horror XVI (sixteen) broadcast.


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Each Treehouse of Horror contains three short horror stories, often based on existing horror stories and films. In the first four episodes were the stories to each other yet connected by a frame story, but there is now abandoned.

Unlike the normal episodes of The Simpsons, where everything in the end totally good, finish the Treehouse of Horror episodes often dramatic. For example, it is common for deaths in these episodes, not least the Simpsons itself. However, the Treehouse of Horror episodes play off in a different continuity than the other episodes, and the events have no influence on the rest of the series.



The name "Treehouse of Horror" is taken from the first Halloween episode. In it were the three horror stories surrounded by the frame story that Bart and Lisa tell each other in Bart's tree house horror stories. The three stories are the three short movies. Although the other Halloween episodes not this Setup handle, is "Treehouse of Horror" yet become standard for the halloween episodes.


The first Treehouse of Horror, then still called "The Simpsons Halloween Special", was produced for the second season of the series and was based on EC ComicsHorror talesMatt Groening was reportedly very nervous about the episode, especially the story The Raven. It was a great success.

The Treehouse of Horror series by the production staff are seen as the most difficult episodes to produce. They are always at the end of the previous season produced to the artists and writers more time to give. For the artists are the episodes almost always tricky as there are new characters and detailed, difficult to avoid drawing backgrounds. On the other hand, the writers the episodes be appreciate to the fact that they are allowed to do things that are unthinkable in normal episodes, such as main characters die and use excessive violence.


  • The Treehouse of Horrorepisodes have always a custom intro movie, which often just like the stories based on famous horror films. The episodes "Treehouse of Horror II" to "Treehouse of Horror X" contain a modified version of the bank joke.
  • In the Treehouse of Horrorepisodes always come Kang & Kodos over, two green one-eyed alien creatures that often on the earthlings have. These two characters come but very occasionally for in normal episodes of The Simpsons, and then only as a cameo.


Read warning: text below contains details about the content and/or the end of the story.===Treehouse of Horror I[Edit]===

This episode aired in season 2. Central to the story in which Bart and Lisa tell each other scary stories. These stories are the three horror stories in the episode be shown. Outside the tree house listens Homer secretly with it.

Bad Dream House
The Simpsons move into an old House, which funnily enough was very cheap. The House turns out to be a haunted house and Bewitched Homer and the kids. However, criticises the House margin and Lisa suggests that they could live together with each other anyway? The House finally destroys itself because living with The Simpsons is not an option. This segment includes parodies of the horror films Poltergeist,The ShiningThe Exorcist and The Amityville Horror .
Hungry are the Damned
The Simpsons are abducted by aliens and will be taken to their home planet. They showered the Simpsons with food and gifts. Lisa trust not. She finds a book that is reminiscent of a cookbook, and concludes that the aliens want to eat them. Enraged, but because of Lisa's distrust is the Simpsons home access to the paradisiacal planet of the aliens denies. This story is a parody on the The Twilight Zone episode "To Serve Man".
The Raven
Lisa reads the poem The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe. In this version the main character is Bart and Homer the Raven from the poem.

The episode ends with that neither Bart nor Lisa bang has become over the stories. Homer, however, does not sleep a wink that night.

Treehouse of Horror II[Edit]Edit

After having eaten too much Halloween Candy, get Bart, Lisa and Homer all three nightmares. These nightmares are the three horror stories.

The monkey's Paw
Homer buys In Morocco a severed monkey paw. The seller told him that the paw can fulfill four wishes, but someone who just wish things for themselves in the accident will collapse. Use the Simpsons the leg one at a time, but all the wishes turn out to be a down side to have ...
The Bart Zone
Springfield is in the throes of Bart, which almost everyone has plenty of Almighty forces and to impose his will to abused. This story is based on the The Twilight Zone episode the story it's a Good Life and it's a Good Life by Jerome Bixby.
If I Only Had a Brain
Homer gets fired and forced to take a job as a gravedigger. Mr. Burns let build a robot worker, but does need a brain for this to function properly. He and his helper find Waylon Smithers Homer sleeping in a grave, thinking that he's dead, and use his brain for the robot. This story is a parody of Frankenstein .

Treehouse of Horror III[Edit]Edit

During a big Halloween party at the Simpsons home, three ghost stories told:

Clown Without Pity
Homer buys Bart a doll of Krusty the Clown. The pop twist, it is revealed to be extremely hostile to life, and in front of Homer. The episode is a parody of the Twilight Zone episode "Living Doll" and also contains elements of The Gremlins and child's Play .
King Homer
This story is a parody of King KongMargin goes with Mr. Burns and Smithers to Ape Island to find the legendary "King Homer".
Dial ' Z ' For Zombies
Bart takes place in the library a book on magic. He is trying to make Lisa happy by her cat Snowball back to life. However, the spell takes out wrong, and Bart brings hundreds of dead people back to life as blood-thirsty zombies ... The whole story is a parody of Night of the Living Dead .

Treehouse of Horror IV[Edit]Edit

Bart Simpson presents in a parody of Rod Serling's Night Gallery program the three horror stories:

The Devil and Homer Simpson
Homer gets his food back. He is desperate, and would even sell his soul to the Devil in Exchange for a donut. The devil appears immediately to Homer in the guise of Ned Flanders, and offers him the contract for the deal to ... The story is inspired by Faust and "The Devil & Daniel Webster". When Homer challenges the devil and they are in a giant Satan changes is this a parody of the Devil from the Disney film Fantasia .
Terror at 5½ Feet
Bart's school trip turns into a nightmare when he sees how a Gremlin if only the school bus he sabotages, and no one can convince them that it is dangerous to drive with the bus. The episode is a parody of the Twilight Zone episode "Nightmare at 20,000 feet".
Bart Simpson's Dracula
The Simpsons are submitted by Mr. Burns invited for dinner at his country house. Lisa is the only one who knows why: Mr. Burns is a vampire and the Simpsons are his next victim. But no one believes her. .. The story parodies several Draculamovies, Nosferatu and the end is a blink to the lock of the episode was received positively A Charlie Brown Christmas .

Treehouse of Horror V[Edit]Edit

The Shinning
The Simpsons Mr. Burns during the winter months stay in country house in the mountains as child minders. Groundskeeper Willie discovers that Bart possesses a mysterious power called "The Shinning", and warns him that Homer perhaps it will run and will try to kill the entire family. That night happening this as well ... The episode is a parody of the movie by Stanley Kubrick and Stephen King: the book of The Shining.
Time and Punishment
While he tries to fix the Toaster , Homer accidentally turns the thing into a time machine. He travels back to the prehistory, and accidentally kill a mosquito. This has far-reaching consequences for the timeline, because at his return in the present turns out Ned Flanders to reign over the world. Homer attempts to recover by keep coming back to prehistoric times, but nothing picks out as he would like it...
Nightmare Cafeteria
School Principal Skinner is concerned that the nablijf premises be too full, and the meat in the cafeteria to more and more inadequate. He, however, with an extreme, cannibalistic solution to the problem ...
  • running gag in this episode is that Groundskeeper Willie in all three stories to his end is because someone an axe in his back beats.

Treehouse of Horror VI[Edit]Edit

Attack of the 50-Foot Eyesores
Homer steals the huge donut a meters high statue. This image and some other huge images come to life and trample Springfield...
Nightmare on Evergreen Terrace
This story is a parody of the Nightmare on Elm Street film series. Groundskeeper Willie dies in a fire, and begins to hunt down the children of Springfield and later to kill even in their dreams.
Homer ³
Homer discovered in the home of the Simpsons a secret passage in a wall, giving access to a strange three dimensional world. He ends up in trouble when this three dimensional world slowly disappears into a black hole. This is a parody of the Twilight Zone.

Treehouse of Horror VII[Edit]Edit

The Thing and I
Bart discovered to his shock that he has an evil twin brother. He and his brother were a conjoined twin, and were separated after the birth. The brother is still alive, and is out for vengeance. He wants that Bart and he again a be ...
The Genesis Tub
In an experiment to see if cola can dissolve a tooth, Lisa accidentally creates a mini world in a bowl. The inhabitants of this world worship Lisa as God, and see Bart as the devil. This is a parody of the Twilight Zoneepisode The Little People .
Citizen Kang
Homer is kidnapped by the aliens Kang & Kodos. The two also appear to Bill Clinton and Bob Dole to have been abducted and replaced by look-alikes. They hope the upcoming presidential elections via the power on Earth to take over.

Treehouse of Horror VIII[Edit]Edit

The H Ω mega Man
After the Mayor of Springfield, offends the French launch this a neutron bomb on Springfield. Homer survives the attack because he was an air-raid shelter to the test, and seems to be only about. A few other inhabitants are by the bomb however turned into mutants, and opening the hunt for Homer. The story is a parody of The Omega Man .
Fly Vs. Fly
Homer buys an experimental teleporter. Bart uses the machine, but is accidentally crossed with a fly that was also in the machine. This story is a parody of the movie The Fly .
Easy-Bake Coven
It is the year 1649, and in Springfield is a great witch hunt. Margin is accused of witchcraft. When they are subjected to a test, it turns out they really to be a witch. The story was inspired by The Crucible .

Treehouse of Horror IX[Edit]Edit

Hell Toupée
Bart, Apu and Moe are witnessing how Snake Jailbird commits a crime and will be executed. After his death is Snake's hair made into a wig, which is bought by Homer. However, the wig takes possession of Homer, and he begins to Snake's crimes from all witnesses of murders.
The Terror of Tiny Toon
Bart uses a piece of unstable plutonium as a spare battery for the remote control of the tv. As a result, Bart and Lisa in the tv sucked and end up in their favorite cartoon; The Itchy & Scratchy Show .
Starship Poopers
It turns out that Maggie in an alien, and the alien Kang her real father is.

Treehouse of Horror X[Edit]Edit

I Know What You Diddily "-Iddily Did
On a misty night Margin accidentally Ned Flanders to. Shortly after Neds funeral is the Simpson family stalked by a mysterious figure. The plot is a parody of I Know What You Did Last Summer and its many sequels.
Desperately Xeeking Xena
By an accident with a röntgenstralings machine Bart and Lisa get super powers. They turn out not to be good in life as superheroes, and soon must itself be saved.
Life's a Glitch, Then You Die
Homer forgets his own computer secure against the Millennium bug. This bug is spreading from his computer to other computers, and causes mayhem. The earthlings are required to flee to another planet.

Treehouse of Horror XI[Edit]Edit

G-G-Ghost D-D-Dad
Homer dies, but returns as a spirit back to earth because he may not look at the sky. He must perform a good deed within 24 hours on Earth, otherwise will be denied him access to heaven forever. The plot is a parody of Bill Cosby-film Ghost Dad .
Scary Tales Can Come True
The Simpsons are a farmer's family in this story. They end up in situations that are taken from various fairy tales. Especially Hansel and Gretelthe wolf and the three little pigsthe three goats and the troll,Goldilocks and the three bears and Rapunzel are lay on the shelf.
The Night of The Dolphin
Lisa let the dolphin Snorky free from the aquarium where he is held in fixed. However, the leader of all the Dolphin dolphins in the world, and now he is free he collects the other dolphins to take over the world.The absurd plot is a parody of the numerous monster films in which certain species against the people times.

Treehouse of Horror XII[Edit]Edit

Hex and the City
Homer is cursed by a Gypsy, which he will bring about everyone who is dear to him accidentally. Margin is heavily coated, Lisa turns into a centaur, Bart Gets a very long neck and Maggie turns into a Ladybug...
House of Whacks
Homer buys for his family the latest in of houses: a fully automated House where everything is done for them. However, the computer of the House falls in love with Marge, and Homer is trying to clear up. The computer is a reference to 2001: A Space Odyssey .
Wiz Kids
A parody of the Harry Potter books and films. Bart and Lisa are sorcerer ' s apprentices. Lisa is a natural talent, but Bart bake nothing like. However, the target of her talents is Lisa by the evil Lord Montymort (Mr. Burns).

Treehouse of Horror XIII[Edit]Edit

Send in the Clones
Homer buys a magic hammock that can clone him unlimited. The clones are, however, very stupid and cause chaos everywhere.
The Fright to Creep and Scare Harms
Lisa finds the grave of William Bonney, and reads to them his desire for a weaponless world. They let all the inhabitants of Springfield destroy their weapons. But diving, however, the ghosts of William "Billy the Kid" Bonney and other criminals on the now unarmed, and terrorize Springfield.
The Island of Dr. Hibbert
the inhabitants of Springfield end up on an island where a mad scientist turns them into animals. This story is a parody of the book The Island of Doctor Moreau by H. G. Wells.

Treehouse of Horror XIV[Edit]Edit

Reaper Madness
Grim reaper comes to the home of the Simpsons because Bart's time has come. Homer refuses and kills grim reaper. As a result, he must take over his task and be the new grim reaper.
Professor Frink takes his father back to life. This, however, goes through the Ribbon looking for body parts for themselves. A parody of Frankenstein .
Stop the World, I Want to Goof Off
Bart and Milhouse get a stopwatch with which they can make time stand still. They use this for jokes with all inhabitants of Springfield. Then break the thing, however, while time stands still... This segment is a parody of the Twilight Zoneepisode A Kind of a Stopwatch .

Treehouse of Horror XV[Edit]Edit

The Ned Zone
Ned Flanders Gets the gift, or curse, according to him the need to be able to see in the future. He gets a vision in which he sees himself Homer death shooting ... The plot is a parody of The Dead Zone .
Four Beheadings and a Funeral
in the 1890 's to London detective Eliza Simpson (Lisa) and Dr. Bartley (Bart) solve some murders in the style of Sherlock Holmes.
In the Belly of the Boss
Professor Frink made and contraction machine. However, Maggie is accidentally shrunk and swallowed by Mr. Burns. The other Simpsons must now also shrink the shrink Ray and Maggie save, worked out for hits and they recover her normal size again. This story is a parody of the movie Fantastic Voyage .

Treehouse of Horror XVI[Edit]Edit

Bartificial Intelligence
A parody of the film Artificial Intelligence: A.I.. Bart ended up in a coma. To process the loss of their son, take the Simpsons a robot boy named David in house. However, Bart wakes up from his coma, and wants revenge on David.
Survival of the Fattest
A parody of the story The Most Dangerous Game. Homer and a few of his pub friends are invited by Mr. Burns for a hunting party. The only problem is that they are the prey.
I've Grown a Costume on Your Face
A witch speaks a curse on Springfield, whereby all residents turn into the characters as who/what they are dressed up for the Halloween party.

Treehouse of Horror XVII[Edit]Edit

Married To The Blob
a parody of the movie The Blob. By a meteorite turns Homer into a large monster that terrorizes Springfield...
You Gotta Know When To Golem
Bart discovers the legendary Golem, and wants to use it for his own purposes. The Golem looks very similar to the Golem from the movie classic The Golem: How He Came into the World (1920).
The Day The Earth Looked Stupid
The residents of Springfield are in Orson Welles' infamous 1938 rocked by The War of The Worldsradio play. Kang and Kodos decide that this moment of panic is ideal for a real invasion.

Treehouse of Horror XVIII[Edit]Edit

Mr. and Mrs. Simpson
A parody of the film Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Homer is know outside of his family a secret agent. He get the assignment to eliminate Kent Brockman . He accidentally discovers that margin is also a secret agent with the same mission.
E.T. Go Home
Kodos, Bart and Lisa find hidden for the Government. They help her to build a device that they can get in touch with her home planet. But Kodos ' plans prove anything but friendly. The plot parodies E.T. .
Heck House
Bart, Lisa and a few other children catch up on Halloween night jokes from. After they go too far, to the Church in a Ned Flanders changes helhuis to teach them a lesson. He gets his anger God's supernatural powers and let loose on the children.

Treehouse of Horror XIX[Edit]Edit

Untitled Robot Parody
A parody of Transformers. Bart buys a new toy car for Lisa, which turns out to be an advanced robot. The robot changes all the devices in the home of the Simpsons, and later also all machines across Springfield, in robots, so that they can conduct a war against each other.
How to Get Ahead in Dead-Vertising
When Homer discovers that the names and faces of deceased celebrities free may be used for commercials, he kills a large number of celebrities so he can use them for his own goals. The spirits of these celebrities return from heaven to take revenge.
It's the Grand Pumpkin, Milhouse
A parody of the Great Pumpkin Peanutsfrom the comics and the film it's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. Milhouse ' rock-solid faith in a colossal pumpkin ensures that there is actually a great pumpkin growing.However, this turns out to be a monster who wants to take revenge for what people do to all the smaller pumpkins at Halloween.

Treehouse of Horror XX[Edit]Edit

Dial "M" for Murder or Press "#" to Return to Main Menu
Lisa creates a "criss-cross" deal with Bart, and Bart takes revenge on Crab Apple and takes her revenge on Bart for Hoover. Lisa thinks this is just a joke means, until they discovered that they had to kill Crab Apple, such as Bart Hoover killed. Bart continues to force her to finish the job, until they try to kill him.
Don't Have A Cow, Mankind
Krusty brings a new kind of Burger meat from cows of madmen, but anyone who eats this turns into a zombie. Bart is if the medicinal product is considered to be the Burger not a zombie changes. A small parody of South Park, Pinkeye.
There's No Business Like Moe Business
In Broadway musical style, dies Homer in MoE's basement and his blood is the secret ingredient in MoE's new beer.

Treehouse of Horror XXI[Edit]Edit

War and Pieces
a parody of Jumanji. Bart and Milhouse to margin Council to play Board Games , as they are the video games of the two is too violent. The Board game that the two singles, however, real dangers to produce.
a parody of Twilight. Lisa falls in love with a new pupil, Edmund, which turns out to be a vampire .
Master and Cadaver
a parody of Dead Calm. During a sailing trip find Homer and Marge a castaway called Roger. He seems, however, to kill the two.

Treehouse of Horror XXII[Edit]Edit

Marge asks Homer to a bag of candy to bring to a charity. Homer agrees, but instead of the bag to be delivered at destination, he decides to go eat the candy itself in an isolated place. There he falls off a cliff and his arm stuck by a fallen stone. The bag of candy is just too far away to be able, so Homer decides to cut off his limb. In the bag to sit vegetables turn out instead of candy.
The Diving Bell and the Butterball
Homer is the home to decorate for Halloween. A real spider runs into the box with decorations. Homer grabs this, after which he pinned is itself no longer and can move. Lisa finds out that her father can communicate through winds to make it. Homer explains how much he loves Margin through this way. If he gets bitten by another spin he changes in a kind of Spider-man, after which the final scene is a parody on the movie of the same name.
Dial D for Diddly
Ned Flanders gets commands of god to kill people which he also performs. Homer turns out to be the voice of god commanding his enemies cold that Flanders via a voice filter that leads to a built-in speaker in the Bible of Flanders. Flanders comes here behind and caught Homer. When this explains to Flanders that there is no god ' he ' appears and kills Homer. Margin begs god to reverse everything after which the devil appears, which turns out to have a relationship with the ex-wife of Flanders.
In the Na'Vi
A parody on Avatar. On the planet Rigel Seven is an extract called Hilarrium that Krusty the Clown like wants to have in his possession. Bart is transformed to become friends with the inhabitants of the planet and its avatar-body is a green squid (as in Kang and Kodos). Bart Gets a love affair with a person, the daughter of Kang and makes her pregnant. Hilarrium shows an extract to pregnant women to keep quiet. As Millhouse, also as Avatar, betrays where the Hilarrium is extracted, the military violence that is overcome by animals of the planet. When the rust is tell the Hilarrium Kang and Kodos returned also just had given to the people.

Treehouse of Horror XXIII[Edit]Edit

The Simpsons live in the Mayan era. A Mayan version of Homer is about to be sacrificed to the end of the world in 2012 to turn away, but Margin throws spanner in the works by Tired as a sacrifice to serve instead of Homer. In the present is Springfield attacked by three Mayan gods, who after first a lot of chaos and vandalimse to have caused the Earth blowing up.
The Greatest Story Ever Holed
the new particle accelerator of Springfield accidentally creates a miniatureblack hole. Against the warnings of use the residents of Springfield Lisa in the black hole as a dumping ground for waste, making the hole is rising and eventually the entire city needed.
Un-Normal Activity
After a series of strange events in their home, insert Homer video cameras to determine the cause. The culprit turns out to be a demon who strongly seems Tired. Margin known years back to have made a deal with him to save her sisters; Patty and Selma would save the demon in Exchange for Marge's favorite child.
Bart and Homer's Excellent Adventure
Bart travels with a time machine back to 1974, and convinced Margin to never to enter into a relationship with Homer. Back in the present turns out to be Artie Ziff now Bart's father and the family is very rich and successful. Homer wants the time machine back and used to Margin, however, multiple versions of themselves from the past and the future together so that they can help fight the Artie.

Treehouse of Horror XXIV[Edit]Edit

the episode begins with an extended version of the traditional intro movie, but is full of references to well-known horror films and stories such as the works of Stephen King and H.P. Lovecraft, HellboyPan's Labyrinth, zombie movies etc.
Oh, the Places you'll D'oh
a parody on the works of Dr. SeussThe Cat in the Hatin particular. On Halloween Eve get Bart, Lisa and Maggie visit the Fat in the Hat, which takes them for trick-or-treat. He emerged soon himself as a Homicidal Maniac who sow destruction everywhere.
Dead and Shoulders
Bart is beheaded by accident with a kite, after which his head is put on Lisa's body. The two should be forced to learn to live together.
Freaks no Geeks
a parody of the movie Freaks. Homer and Marge are both artists in a traveling circus/freak show during the 1930s. Margin is worshipped by the freak tired. Homer encourages the relationship between the two as part of a plan to steal a precious ring Tired.


The Treehouse of Horrorepisodes typically belong to the most watched episodes of each season of the Simpsons.

The Threehouse of Horrorepisodes have gone on to great merchandise brought with it, such as action figures, books, comics and a special edition of monopoly. Levels based on the Treehouse of Horrorepisodes are processed in the game The Simpsons Hit & Run and The Simpsons Game. In 2001 appeared the game Night of the Living Treehouse of Horror, which is entirely based on the episodes.

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