Thomas Alfred HortonMBE (St. HelensMerseyside16 June 1941) is an English professional golfer.

Horton is one of the golfers who for years on the European PGA Tour played without to stand out. In the first years of the Tour, he won some tournaments and in 1976 he received the 5th place on the ranking.

He now plays on the European seniors Tour him faring better. In 1993, 1996, 1997, 1998 and 1999 he was number 1 on the Order of Merit five times, and won the John Jacobs Trophy. He won six tournaments In 1997, a record that at the Senior Tour has not yet been surpassed.

In 2012, he was given a lifelong membership of the European Tour.


[hide]*1 Won


Several victories[Edit]Edit

  • 1967: Worthing Am/Pro Trophy (with d. Callanan)
  • 1968: r.t.v. International Open
  • 1969: Tyneside Festival
  • 1970: South African Open, Long John Scotch Whisky Match Play Championship
  • 1973: Nigerian Open
  • 1975: Gambian Open
  • 1977: Zambia Open
  • 1984: PLM Open (this tournament from 1986-1990 was on the agenda of the European Tour)
  • 1985: Togo Open

European Tour[Edit]Edit

  • 1971: Gallaher Ulster Open (the European Tour did not exist, but the PGA France this tournament yet with it)
  • 1972: Piccadilly Medal
  • 1974: Penfold Tournament
  • 1976: Uniroyal International
  • 1978: Dunlop Masters

European Senior Tour[Edit]Edit


  • 1995: British Senior Club Professional Championship
  • 1996: British Senior Club Professional Championship
  • 1997: British Senior Club Professional Championship
  • 1998: British Senior Club Professional Championship


  • Ryder Cup: 1975, 1977
  • World Cup: 1976
  • Hennessy Cognac Cup: 1974 (winners), 76 (winners)
  • Double Diamond: 1971 (winners), 1974 (winners), 1975, 1976 (winners), 1977
  • PGA Cup: 1978 (winners, non-playing captain)
  • Praia D'El Rey European Cup: 1997, 1998, 1999

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