Tintin in the land of the Soviets (Les Aventures de Tintin, reporter du Petit "Vingtième", au pays des Soviets) is the first album from the series Tintincomics written and drawn by Belgian cartoonist Hergé. An official English translation only appeared in 1975 under the title Tintin in the Soviet Union, in 1988, this changed to the current title.


[hide]*1 characters who are introduced in this album

Characters who are introduced in this album[Edit]Edit


Read warning: text below contains details about the content and/or the end of the story.

Tintin, reporter of Le Petit Vingtième, goes on a journalistic trip through the Soviet Union. En route, however, in Germany, the train blown up by a Russian secret agent, to prevent Tintin will publish about the Soviet Union. Tintin survives, but gets by the German police in Berlin to blame for the disaster. However, Tintin escapes with a police car and eventually in the Soviet Union. Here, he is soon exposed to all kinds of attacks by government agents.

Tintin shall take all possible woes of the "workers ' paradise" to. In the elections, voters are threatened with firearms and street children get only bread as they declare to be communist. Get foreign Communists to see good working factories, which in reality just are counterfeit. Tintin discovers that the economy and food facilities in the Soviet Union be disastrous: there are also strong grain defects, which are solved by kulak-corn farmers to confiscate it. Tintin, infiltrated the Red Army, is trying to prevent this from happening, but gets caught and nearly executed. After this, he gets lost in the wilderness, where he discovered a log cabin full ofghosts . The hut is meant as a deterrent, because underneath a secret storage place is full of resources, which, according to the Commander, by LeninStalin and Trotsky have stolen from the people.

Tintin escapes with a stolen airplane. Along the way he damaged and should a new propeller from a tree cut. He lands end up in Berlin, where he is mistaken for the winner of a contest. At the party he is dead drunk, which the secret service takes caught him again, to force him to work for them. Tintin escapes again, and he takes his attacker caught at the next attempted kidnapping. The German police is very happy with it, if it turns out that the spy was planning several European capitals to commit attacks. Tintin then returns back to Brussels, where a large reception awaits him.


This gallery is set against the background of the then still relatively new Soviet Union. The story only exists in the form of a newspaper strip and has never been released in four-colour process. Hergé made "Tintin in the land of the Soviets" ordered by the Catholic publishers of youth journal Le Petit Vingtième as propaganda against communism. Hergé based his whole survey on one book, "Moscou sans voiles" ("Moscow without veils") by Joseph Douillet, also a propaganda work was. Certain scenes from this work also back in this Tintin album. Apart from the unilateral, naive political message and the lack of research is the story more of a linkage of all kinds of random events than a well-structured story. For this reason prevented Hergé for a long time the reprint of this album until he discovered that illegal copies of the story were in circulation. In 1973, there was finally a reprint, albeit in the "Archives Hergé" series.

On the first pages has not yet his famous Tintin Tintin. That will only appear for the first time when a headwind the lock of hair of the young reporter does fluttering.


The comic was of 10 January 1929 to 8 May 1930 published in Le Petit Vingtième, the youth supplement of the Belgian newspaper Le Vingtième Siècle. The group released two pages Per week.


An original 1930s black and white from the album was on March 7, 2010 during an auction in Ixelles auctioned off for € 28,800,-. [1in late april 2012 was a copy of this comic by the auction house sold for € 37 Banque Dessinée 820,-. [2]

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