The proud Tower: a portrait of the years before the first world war-1890-1914 is a book by the American journalist and historian Barbara Tuchman from 1966 (it concerns than the Dutch translation).


The book was originally written in English by the author and published by Macmillan Publishing House to New York (United States) in 1962. In 1966 the book was published for the first time in the Dutch in the translation of J.F. Kadam by publishing house Ambo. In 1976 the rights went about on AgonPublishing House. Since 2002 the workers press Publishing House is responsible for the expenditure of the book. In 2007 the 8th appeared at pressures of the Dutch translation, De arbeiderspers. [1]


The subtitle of the book, ' a portrait of the years before the first world war-1890-1914 ', displays the contents of the proud Tower exactly again. The book is a collection of some essays that Tuchman wrote for various periodicalsfor 1962. The book is divided into eight chapters. Below is indicated briefly what each chapter brings thematically.

  1. The English nobility: 1895-1902
  2. The French anarchists: 1890-1914
  3. U.s. imperialism: 1890-1902
  4. The Dreyfus affair, 1894-1899
    The Hague peace conferences 1899 and 1907
  5. Kultur Musik and in Germany: 1890-1914
  6. Democratization of England: 1902-1911
  7. The French Socialists: 1890-1914

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