The Women is a 2008 American drama film directed by Diane English. The film is based on the play by Clare Boothe Luce and the 1939 film adaptation thereof from.


[hide]*1 Story


Sylvia Fowler is a woman who does not mince its words takes. She is an unmarried editor of a fashion magazine. When she's not working, she is usually in the shopping centre. Sylvia's best friend is Mary, the wife of a wealthy financier. Mary seems to have the perfect marriage and has a successful career. She has a good relationship with her 12-year-old daughter Molly and has some good girlfriends, including Alex and the heavily pregnant mother Edie the lesbian.

When gossip that Mary's husband cheating with Crystal Allen, Mary and her friends group can not believe. While Mary is a respected Lady, is Crystal a shameless nachu that her appearance used to get what she wants. Mary begins to doubt the success of her marriage.

Her friends regard the affair as an unacceptable scandal. Mary's mother Catherine does not, however, that her daughter is a divorcee and doing everything to maintain her marriage. Mary decides to put on a Notepad and hopes that they discovered what they really want to be with her life and future.

Meanwhile also has her own problems as her so Sylvia course being compromised. She tries to get to the famous columnist Bailey Smith for her magazine work. That way she can retain her job. Bailey accepts the offer, on the condition that they should write about Mary's private life and her husband's affair. The desperate Sylvia agree and prefers that way her career above her best friend.

Mary feels betrayed and want nothing more to do with her. She eventually ends up on a health camp where they will find her help and stay in a Countess. Once back in the city where she lives, New York City, she knows what is most important in her life and what they need to do to get her chaotic life got back to normal. [1]

Division Of Roles[Edit]Edit


The project has been going on for decades. In the 1970s, the film version presented to the actresses Jane FondaBarbra Streisand and Faye Dunaway, but it never came. In 1995 saw the remake again the light, when Meg Ryan and Julia Roberts to New Line Cinema asked to be allowed to do the film. [2In 2006, the rumor that Annette Bening and Uma Thurman in it would be to see. [3when the cast was on 1 June 2007, revealed that the rumor about Bening where had been. Thurman was not announced. By Thurman in 2004 even though it was thought that they would appear in the film, starring Sandra Bullock. Both Bullock as Thurman would ultimately never appear in the film. [4]

The film, in which Meg RyanAnnette BeningEva MendesJada Pinkett SmithDebra Messing and Candice Bergen the main roles, had a budget of only $ 16.500.000, which relatively few for a film with an ensemble cast. [2On 9 november 2006, it was also said that Anne Hathaway and Lisa Kudrow were negotiating for a role in the film, but they were eventually not chosen. [2]

Director English eventually worked 14 years to the film. The reason why it took so long, was, according to the Director the idea that women over 25 years no film can wear. The Women is aimed at women over 40 years. However, the expectations were high after the success of Sex and the City: The Movie (2008), a film in which the main roles were played by women older than 40. [5]


The first premiere of the film took place on september 4, 2008 in Hollywood. In addition to all the cast members, were other famous actors present on the red carpet. So were Will SmithWarren BeattyTara Reid andVanessa Williams not go unnoticed. [6]

On september 12, followed in the United States the national premiere. Reviewers were mostly negative about the movie. Reviewer Elizabeth Weitzman of the New York Daily News 'The Women called the "worst movie of the year". In the Denver Post was written that this version still outdated than that from 1939. One of the few reviewers who spoke in laudatory terms about the film, Roger Ebertwas the famous. He called the film "a pleasure" to see and admired the actors. [7]

Although reviewers panned the film, The Women did well in the cinema. The first weekend alone brought the movie 10.115.121 dollar on.[8In november 2008 had the film in the United States and in other countries $ 26,000,000 yielded an amount of 13 million. [9the Dutch premiere took place on november 2, 2008. The comments were very positive. [10from 27 november 2008 to see the movie was also in 58 cinemas. He was moderately received by reviewers. Filmvalley the Dutch film magazine called it an "unnecessary remake" and suggested that the film little original, but gave praise to the actresses Bette Midler and Candice Bergen.Eventually the film journal gave the film a 4.9 on a maximum of 10. [11Also the internet website called it an "unnecessary remake" and a "pale imitation of Sex and the City". It eventually got two out of five stars.[12]

The film was received more positively by the critics of newspapers. The Algemeen Dagblad called him better than Sex and the City: The Movie, but was not enthusiastic. [13the broadcasting TV Newspaper sheet spent a great deal of attention to the film. Although it noted that the film used many clichés and stereotypes, all the actors were praised for their role. The film received three stars out of 5. [14The Telegraph Also stressed the "talent of the actors" and was excited about the whole. [15]

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