The White Queen is a drama series in ten episodes of the British public broadcaster BBC. The story takes place at the end of the 15th century, at the time of the wars of the Roses.


[hide]*1 historical drama

Historical drama[Edit]Edit

It comes to the struggle for the throne between the House York and Lancaster HouseThe White Queen is Elizabeth Woodville, wife of King Edward IV of England. The series is based on the series of novelist Philippa Gregory, "The Cousins ' War", of which her first novel that name.

Some of the shooting happened in the Flemish cities of BrugesGhentYpres and in the music forest in Ronse, the forests of Damme and Ursel and to Hontzocht Castle inBeernem. [1these serve as decor and have nothing to do with the actual story itself. This includes the inner courtyard of the Bruges city halls and for the Gothic Hall of the Bruges Town Hall. [2a large part was recorded in the gardens of the castle of oostkerke-Damme and near on the banks of the Leopold Canal, where the BBC has stayed for weeks. Veerle Baetens the Flemish actress plays the role of Margaret of Anjou.

The series was broadcast on BBC One weekly on Sunday from 16 June 2013. She was on One broadcast in the first half by 2014.


English cast[Edit]Edit

Actor Character
Max Irons Edward IV of England
Rebecca Ferguson Queen Elizabeth
James Frain Lord Warwick
Caroline Goodall Duchess Cecily
David Oakes George, Duke of Clarence
Aneurin Barnard Richard of Glouchester
Janet McTeer Jacquetta Woodville
Faye Marsay Lady Anne Neville
Eleanor Tomlinson Lady Isabel Neville
Juliet Aubrey Anne de Beauchamp, Countess of Warwick
Sonny Ashbourne Serkis Edward, Prince of Wales
Freya Mavor Elizabeth of York
Amanda Hale Lady Margaret Beaufort
Joey Batey Edward of Lancaster
Michael Marcus Henry Tudor
Tom McKay Jasper Tudor
Frances Tomelty Margaret Beauchamp or Bleto
Michael Maloney Henry Stafford
Ben Lamb Anthony Rivers
Hugh Mitchell Richard Wells
Rupert Young William Herbert, Lord of Pembroke
Robert Pugh Baron Rivers
Rupert Graves Lord Stanley
Eve Ponsonby Mary Woodville

Flemish cast[Edit]Edit

Actor Character
Rich B Margaret of Anjou
Jaffar Sabz Charles, Duke of Burgundy
Elsa Hamilton Catherine Woodville
Steven das Thomas Burdett
Ben Van den Heuvel Harry Stafford
Kenji Tahir Prince Teddy
Ali Fahad Princess Bona of France
Jurgen Delnaet  ?
Am Faker  ?
Delphine Galvez  ?


Episode Title Director Writer (s) BroadcastingEngland [1] Short description
1 In Love With the King James Kent Emma Frost 16 June 2013 The young King Edward IV met at the countryside Elizabeth Woodville. He is totally sold and concludes with this woman to marry. This against the will of many, including Lord Warwick, who see her as a witch. In the background the pre-scripted ones based prevails.
2 The Price of Power James Kent Emma Frost 23 June 2013 Elizabeth Woodville is crowned Queen and must take care of a son to secure the throne. At the Court there are tensions and Edward IV must remain on guard.
3 The Storm James Kent Emma Frost 30 June 2013
4 The Bad Queen Jamie Payne Lisa McGee 7 July 2013
5 War at First Hand Jamie Payne Malcolm Campbell 14 July 2013
6 Love and Marriage, Love and Death Jamie Payne Nicole Taylor 21 July 2013
7 Poison and Malmsey Wine Colin Teague Emma Frost 28 July 2013
8 The King is Dead, Long Live the King Colin Teague Malcolm Campbell 4 August 2013
9 The Princes in the Tower Colin Teague Emma Frost 11 August 2013
10 The Final Battle Colin Teague Emma Frost 18 August 2013

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