The Waitresses was an American pop group. The Group was founded in Kent, Ohio and existed from 1978 to 1983. The Group knew many (varying) members, but the most important were Chris Butler (guitar), Patty Donahue (vocals), Tracy Wormworth (bass guitar) and Billy Ficca (drums). Their biggest hit was the song "I Know What Boys Like" from 1982. The group fell under the American new wave.


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The song "I Know What Boys Like-the Waitresses ' let hear: simple and  typical guitar riffs where the drawling singer sings over it, almost as if she talks instead of sings. In the United States was short time a well known hit, which many irritating was found. The chorus consists only of the text "I Know What Boys Like, I Know What Guys Want", followed by "Na na na". According to American music critics was the ' an infectious song that unfortunately will stay in your head all day. '

"I Know What Boys Like" became years later still used in many us tv shows and series, such as "The Simpsons" and "The Stephanie Miller Show '. In 1995 , the song was still covered by the British pop duo Shampoo.

The Waitresses had for this success even though a small x-mas song in America in 1981, 'Christmas Wrapping'.

The band members today[Edit]Edit

-Chris Butler wrote all songs by The Waitresses. He currently lives in New York and has its own record label, Fossil Records.

-Patty Donahue, the singer, has died. They succumbed on december 9, 1996 at the age of 40 on lung cancer. Donahue was a heavy smoker, which also can be seen in the video for "I Know What Boys Like". In the beginning of the clip she takes ironically a haul of her cigarette, her trademark.

-Tracy Wormworth is session musician and plays bass during tours of great stars like Sting and The B-52 's.

-Billy Ficca is also a session musician and played drums on numerous American bands and artists including Gary Lucas.


  • Patty Donahue in 1983 short time was replaced by singer Holly Beth Vincent. This was not a success, which Donahue came back after a month.



  • Wasn't tomorrow beautiful? (1982)
  • Bruiseology (1983)
  • The Best Of The Waitresses (1990)


  • Christmas Wrapping (1981)
  • I Know What Boys Like (1982)

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