The Three Musketeers is a 1993 film version from the novel by Alexandre Dumas, produced by Walt Disney Pictures and directed byStephen Herek. The film music was composed by Michael Kamen. He wrote along with Bryan Adams All For Lovesong, that Adams along with Sting and Rod Stewart brought out. The music from the movie in 1995 earned two American film awards for most performed song from a film.


[hide]*1 Story


D'Artagnan goes to Paris, to be in his father's footsteps, musketeer. Along the way he gets problems with some brothers, who find that D'Artagnan has dishonored their sister.

Meanwhile in Paris the Head Office of the Musketeers vacated by Rochefort, the Cardinal de Richelieu's right hand. This blames the Musketeers (the three Musketeers Aramis, Athos and Porthos in particular) of their services in the war with England to have failed.

As D'Artagnan hit once in Paris , he found out that the Office is closed. During the subsequent tour of Paris he comes against the three famous Musketeers and one by one every time a conflict that ends on a duel. In the end, D'Artagnan with his three opponents an appointment on the same spot. The four men meet each other at a ruinout of town, but for the game may end up with his men forth comes Rochefort. D'Artagnan decision to help the three during their fight with the guard of Rochefort, the three Musketeers and D'Artagnan managed to escape is the only imprisoned.

D'Artagnan is condemned to death by beheading the next day. In addition, he captures a conversation between Cardinal Richelieu and Milady de Winter, who plot to get the King to the throne. The next morning at the execution, D'Artagnan is still just in time released by Aramis and Porthos. As the men continue their flight, D'Artagnan tells about the plot against the King. Athos sends D'Artagnan ahead to intercept the spy of the Cardinal, who on his way to a treaty with England. He finds Milady de Winter, not knowing that it is the spy, and she tries to kill him when she discovers that he is after her. Hijack the ship in which Milady Porthos and Aramis to England wants to leave. Milady is arrested by Athos, which shows that they know each other from a former relationship. The Treaty is intercepted and convincing him by Athos Milday is about to tell the Cardinal's plan; Richalieu wants the King killed on his birthday. After this, she commits suicide.

The Musketeers are rushing back to Paris, leaving messages on the go anywhere for their collegamusketiers. On the anniversary the attack on D'Artagnan the King can just avoid. A battle between the Musketeers and the guardians of the cardinal breaks loose. D'Artagnan defeats Rochefort. The cardinal tries to kidnap the King and Queen still through its underground tunnels, but is intercepted in time.

The Musketeers order is re-established and D'Artagnan is officially sworn in as Musketeer.

Division Of Roles[Edit]Edit


The film locations where recordings were made, included Cornwall (England), Castle Landsee, Burg Liechtenstein, Maria Enzendorfers, Hinterbruhl, Korneuburg (all Austria) and the hofburg in Vienna. Charlie Sheen was originally the role of Porthos. Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp saw the role of D'Artagnan to their get away after the auditions. Kiefer SutherlandChris O'Donnell and Oliver Platt had to undergo six weeks screen lessons for the film. Charlie Sheen could not participate in this training as he still was working on the recordings for Hot Shots! Part Deux .

The film received excessive negative reviews. On Rotten Tomatoes the film 30% of the reviewers gave a positive assessment.


  • Winner, ASCAP Award (for most widespread song from a film)
  • Winner, BMI film Award (for most widespread song from a film)
  • Nomination, MTV Award (for best music)
  • Nomination, Golden Raspberry Award for worst supporting actor (Chris O'Donnell).

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