The Shining is a 1980 horror film from directed by Stanley Kubrick. The film is based on the bestseller by Stephen King. King himself was not keen on this adaptation, in particular because the storyline especially at the end quite different from that in the book. Therefore he made in 1997 (Commission) itself for another, higher-fidelity, also film adaptation in the form of a novel.

Kubricks The Shining was nominated for four Saturn Awardsfor best supporting actor, which they (Scatman Crothers) actually won. The other nominations were for Best Director, best horror film and best music. On the other hand, the film was also nominated for the Razzie Awards for worst director and worst actress (Shelley Duvall).


[hide]*1 Story


Writer Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson) is from her unlooked-for suitor of his drinking addiction making him during a tantrum his little son Danny (Danny Lloyd) once has mistreated. He finds a temporary job as a caretaker in the prestigious Overlook Hotel in Colorado, the Rocky Mountains, that is closed during the winter months because of the extreme weather conditions. Jack Gets the job to the heating system to keep an eye on and to make repairs if necessary. The manager Stuart Ullman (Barry Nelson) tells Jack about one of the previous caretakers, Delbert Grady (Philip Stone). That was during his stay in the hotel in the winter of 1970 insane and then killed his wife and two daughters with an axe.

Jack, his wife Wendy (Shelley Duvall) and their son Danny will for several months the only residents of the complex. If the family is open on the last day that the hotel takes up residence, get her a tour of the family members. During this tour he gets the shock of his life when Danny extrasensory has contact with the African American hotel's chef, Dick Hallorann (Scatman Crothers). Danny is examined by a doctor just before because of the behavior he exhibits and because he an imaginary boyfriend namedTony would have created. In a personal conversation to Hallorann tells Danny that he knows that something has happened at room 237, after which admonishes him severely Hallorann there to stay away.

The first weeks that the family is only in hotel expired quietly. Jack wants to work on his book during the day, where he now has time for all. Danny found out that there are ghosts in the hotel wander. He sees each time twin sisters. At one point he sees them dismember in the hallway at room 237 are. It is the girls who in the winter of 1970 on the same place by their father have been killed.

A few weeks later, following a heavy snowstorm and falls from the phone connection, making the hotel from the outside world is cut off. Jack is at some stage all day just behind his typewriter and reacts ever offer him something geprikkelder when Wendy asks if something for him to do so. Also, it seems he hardly even to his son to worry about, where it goes so well with it at all. Danny is constantly anxious and would prefer to get out of the hotel as soon as possible. Danny runs seemingly inexplicable injuries to his neck on, as if someone has tried to strangle him. Wendy first accuses Jack of it to have done this. Later she tells Jack that there be someone in the bathroom of the hotel is that Danny has attacked.When Jack goes look he finds a naked woman in bath, who are in a State of dissolution turns out to be when he grips her affectionately, but ' live '.

Although there except Jack, Wendy and Danny is present, there appears to be no one in the hotel one evening in the Ballroom a party in ' 20s '-style to be underway. Jack is invited to accede to this ' club '. He is first introduced to Lloyd the bartender (Joe Turkel). Then he became acquainted with the previous caretaker Grady. That tells Jack that he has to punish his wife and children again. After all, Grady itself had done that: his own children did not want to listen, so he has them ' punished '. As a result of this maintenance loses Jack the last control of his own thoughts.

[1][2]The original typewriter that was used for the film

Wendy notice the changes in both Jack as Danny. She discovers that Jack all those months behind the typewriter typed the same sentence, All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy (also an English proverb). She suggests that it is better for Danny is going away. Jack scolds her and says that he is for the skin full of everything does not want to forsake his duty as a caretaker. He is then knocked unconscious by Wendy and locked up. When he added that the decision Jack that will and that he must kill his family just like Grady at the time with an axe.

Danny has extrasensory at that time been in contact with the Cook of the hotel. This is left for the hotel as soon as possible, which is now complete is snowed in. When the Cook that night in hotel arrives, he is murdered in cold blood by Jack with an axe. Danny and his mother can no longer use the cars and snowmobile to flee, because Jack had made previously shorted out. Now, however, Cook has there are snowmobile, can this though. Danny flight out and hides itself in the life-size labyrinth in front of the hotel. Jack gets lost and Danny and Wendy can escape from the hotel. Jack freezes dead in the maze.

When she arrived at the hotel, said Jack had the feeling to have been once before in this hotel, as if he was actually there always has been. The film ends with a picture that was taken on 4 July 1921, to which Jack now shines as the Centre of a party and with a proud look in the eyes the glass lifts.

Other versions and interpretation[Edit]Edit

In one of the other versions of the story it seems like from the beginning also manager Ullman was aware of the presence of the ghosts in the hotel. At the end of the film he tells Wendy in the hospital that the body of her husband was not found. He then gives Danny a yellow tennis ball, supposedly the same ball which makes Danny earlier in the film was lured to room 237 where he got the vision of the murdered girls. As a result, the viewer would eventually have come to doubt whether the whole story really happened, or that Jack may be at the end of the film is dragged into the past, which his presence on the photo from 1921 could explain.This open end was later rewritten, because there aren't too many riddles for the viewer were allowed to remain.

Division Of Roles[Edit]Edit


  • Stephen King was not pleased with this film and wanted to see his name did not appear on the credits. In 1997, the book was made into a film again, this time as a miniseries (for television) with the participation of King itself. This is a lot more faithful to the story in the book.
  • Shelley Duvall (Wendy) has in the film version of Kubrick black hair. In the original book describes King her as blonde.
  • Jack Nicholson (Jack) is going to fill his family in Kubricks film with an axe. In Kings book he uses a roquehamer.
  • In the book is not a question of the oneliner "heeeeere's Johnny", what Jack calls when he with an axe the door behind which Wendy and Danny are hiding strikes. The text according to the book is "Boo" (boe).Nicholson has the meaning improvised. The oneliner is a reference to The Tonight Show from Johnny Carson.
  • In the same scene is an allusion made on the wolf and the three little pigs, when Jack with the axe at the door and to his wife calls Do I open or puf and sighs and support and blow your house down!
  • The Overlook hotel is the place where both the present and the past are overlooked. The hotel is built on a native American cemetery and is a kind of waiting room of the damned souls that manifest to the people that the ' gift ' (the shining) possess. The filming took place at Timberline Lodge, a resort on the southern flank of Mount Hood in Oregon. The labyrinth is a metaphor for the eternal rest wander of the man before he can get. Like Count Dracula (Béla Lugosi in 1931) who said: "To die! To be really dead: that must be glorious! ". The film also does think of Daughters of Darkness (1971) by Harry Kümel about a vampire in a hotel (It Oostendeto Thermae Palace Hotel ) that terrorizes the guests.
  • On 25 October 2003, by means of an election of television channel Channel 4 the scene where Jack Nicholson by the door calls "here's Johnny" voted the scariest film moment of all time.


During the Sundance Film Festival 2012 went the one and a half hour documentary premiered Room 237 . This production is dedicated to various analyses about Kubrick's film version of The Shining, without security or this match Kubrick's actual intentions.

References and parodies[Edit]Edit

  • In a Halloween episode of The Simpsons"Treehouse Of Horror V" is parodied the movie in the 1st segment.
  • In the episode "Peter, Peter Caviar Eater" from the tv series Family Guy parodied the scene with the twins and Danny.
  • In the Suske en Wiskethe curious noses story refers to the film as Lambic with an axe in his own home is running out.
  • There is a picture in the movie where Nicholson is on at a younger age. The same photo was used again in 2001 in The Pledge.
  • The video of The Kill", a song by the alternative rock band 30 Seconds to Mars, is inspired by the film. In the video clip to see how the band is exploring is a hotel. On a letter from the hotel owner says "We hope to have a pleasant stay and stay out of room 6277." The band ignores the warning and opens room 6277. After they had opened the door, they undergo all the effects of that room. Each Member experiences the effects different but they do have something in common: they see a changed version of itself. The climax of the number is approaching when frontman Jared Leto his doppelganger in the hallway encounter.
  • In the music video for "Please Don't Leave Me" (sung by P! nk) chops the singer itself through a door and sticking her head through the hole where her current boyfriend hiding for her.
  • In the episode "A Nightmare on Facetime" of South Park parodied the film.
  • Finding Nemo In the film there is a scene where a shark breaks open a door, its head through a hole back stings, and parodies the famous one-liner.

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