The Seven Year Itch is a 1955 film directed by Billy Wilder and starring Marilyn Monroe and Tom Ewell

The story is based on the eponymous play by George Axelrod. The film was a success in the cinemas and pulled out a turnover of 12 million dollars. Also there were several film awards, including a Golden Globe for best actor.

The film contains the famous scene in which Marilyn Monroe's dress blown up several times because they are above a ventilation grille State. This scene was originally shot on the corner of 52nd Street and Lexington Avenue in New York City. Because there are too many audience around it was the recorded material unusable. The scene was recorded in a studio again. The dress was auctioned for $ 5.6 million in 2011 . [3the idea for the ebullience of the dress above an air grate was not new. 28 years before it happened also with the kilt by Stan Laurel in the first film in which Laurel and Hardy worked together as a duo: Putting Pants on Philip.


[hide]*1 Story


Summer is here and in New York City is the temperature increased to unbearable conditions. Richard Sherman decision his wife Helen and their son Ricky to send to the much cooler Maine. He remains behind because of his work. Sherman then meets The Girl, (the girl), a model. The Girl has temporarily rented the apartment above the Shermans for the length of time that they need to record commercials in Manhattan.

Sherman has just read a book by Dr. Brubaker on the theory that men cheating in the seventh year of their marriage. The book arouses the fantasy of Sherman and he imagines that he enters into a conversation with The Girl. In this daydreaming he sees himself as a man who is irresistible to women.

Then there is a tomato plant in his apartment, coming from the floor above him. If The Girl apologizes, Sherman invites her out for a drink. In the meantime, he again fantasizes Sherman and tempts the model with his piano playing. If he tries to embrace her in his daydream, weert they him and demands that he leave. In the days after The Girl more and more often see Sherman and turns his imagination working overtime. He sees in his dream how Helen and Ricky see on tv that The Girl warn them for sample Sherman and not long after, Helen comes to town to avenge themselves on Sherman. Although it's all dreams are slowly changing, Sherman in neurotic wreck. If his neighbor transmits a message of Healing, to a paddle for Ricky's canoe to carry, can yank himself out of his Richard fantasies. He takes the first train to Maine as soon as possible.

Division Of Roles[Edit]Edit

Actor Character
Marilyn Monroe The Girl
Tom Ewell Richard Sherman
Evelyn Keyes Helen Sherman
Sonny Tufts Tom MacKenzie
Robert Strauss Mr. Kruhulik
Marguerite Chapman Miss Morris
Roxanne Arlen Elaine
Donald MacBride Mr. Brady



Wilder changed, as he often did, much to the original play. The character of Elaine disappeared just like the internal voices of Sherman and The Girl. On the other hand he added back some characters, such as the plumber, Miss Finch, the waitress and Kruhulik, the Concierge Whole pieces of text and even many scenes were deleted or rewritten. Most changes were enforced by the censorship. The Hays code forbade namely explicit sex in Hollywood movies. That is why the sex between Monroe and Ewell found only in the fantasy of the last. In the play the characters actually had sex.


Walter Matthau auditioned for the role of Sherman, but Ewell was eventually chosen. The screen tests of both men are preserved. Wilder himself was very excited about Matthau, but the studio did not want any debutant. Ewell had the lead role played in the original production. There were more candidates for the role. Also Cary Grant was considered.


Billy Wilder filmed between september 1 and november 4, 1954. In doing so, the budget ran to $ 3,200,000. He filmed both in the studio or on location in Los Angeles. The outdoor shots of Shermans apartment for example are made on 164 East 61st Street in Manhattan. Wilder had it not easily with its lead actress. There were only forty shots needed for the famous scene above the air grille. Monroe was suffering from depression and regularly forgot her lyrics. If they spoke the texts it was often not understood and had Wilder often dozens of shots need to get everything right in the picture.


The film received a Golden Globe Award for best actor. The film was nominated for a Directors Guild of America Award for Best Director and for best actress for the a BAFTAaward .

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