The Private Lives of Pippa Lee is a 2009 drama film written and directed by Rebecca Miller. Miller also wrote the book and screenplay, actor Brad Pitt served as film producer.


Pippa Lee is a woman who marries Herb Lee. Herb is a retired man who falls on younger women. He was previously married to the attractive Gigi. Pippa lives with her husband in a Center for the elderly and feel everything except at home. She begins to be more and more miserable and sits on the edge of a nervous breakdown. Pippa and Herb increasingly estranged from each other and at one point gets Herb an affair with the even younger Sandra. Pippa are looking for help and stay at Chris and her lover discovers her buried sensuality.

Division Of Roles[Edit]Edit


Penn, Moore and Ryder were the first actresses who were selected in October 2007. [1Reeves, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Arkin and Belucci followed in February 2008. [2however, Gyllenhaal retired in March 2008 back due to a crowded schedule, and was replaced by Bello.Lively's [3cooperation was announced in april 2008, when the recordings were already started.

In May 2008 there were rumors that Reeves and Ryder have a relationship, because they would be very close with each other on the set of the film. [4]

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