The Pagan is an American 1929 silent film from directed by W.S. Van Dyke. At the time, the film was released in Netherlands under the title the song of the Zuiderzee.


[hide]*1 Story


Henry Shoesmith Jr. is an attractive Islander who spends his hours during the day and at night on the country singing focuses on love. He falls in love with Tito, a native who is adopted by Slater. Slater is a traitor who one day with the girl leaves the island. To make her forget, founder Henry is at work. As they were returning on a change and forces her to marry with Henry Slater. Although they willing, Henry saves her from the hands of the evil Slater and brings her back to her cottage in the mountains. [3]


Actor Character
Ramón Novarro Henry Shoesmith jr.
Renée Adorée Madge
Donald Crisp Roger Slater
Dorothy Janis Tito


The Pagan was partly as a silent film and included as sound film . There was little audiologist, but there were a few scenes in which was sung. The recordings took place between October and december 1928 onTahiti. Lead actor Ramón Novarro took specially for the film the song Pagan Lover on.[4it was suspect that Novarro would not succeed as a singer, but the song was a huge success. [5the film itself was also very successful and meant for one of his biggest successes in years Novarro. [6The New York Times gave full credit to the actors and specifically mentioned Novarro. [7Today, there are still copies. 

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