The Man with The Golden Gun is the ninth James Bond film produced by EON ProductionsJames Bond Roger Moore , with as. The film was released in 1974. It is based on the 1965 novel of the same name from.


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The title of the film refers to Federal opponent, Francisco scaramanga (played by Christopher Lee, the nephew of Ian Fleming), a very expensive assassin (it costs a million dollars to hire him) with a striking weapon, a Golden gun with which he can shoot gold bullets. There is not much known of scaramanga, apart from its favorite weapon and that he has a third nipple .

In the beginning of the film receives such a golden bullet, in which MI6 "007" is scratched, the code number of James Bond. Because it concludes that Bond Scara mangoes next victim will be, he becomes by M of his current mission (finding the scientist Gibson, that a new technique developed to exploit solar energy has) taken off to the danger is over. Bond, however, to find scaramanga decision before it finds him.

Bond goes to a club in Beirut, where fellow 002 some years ago by scaramanga was killed. Through a belly dancer who witnessed the murder knows Bond to get the bullet. That bullet is by Q and one of his assistants recognized as a product of weapon maker Lazar, a Portuguese in Macau which makes to order exclusive weapons.Lazar delivers his Golden bullets in a casino by Convention on Andrea else (Maud Adams), scaramanga's mistress. Bond follows her to Hong Kong, where he met his former colleague Mary Goodnight (Britt Ekland) met, and forces her to tell that scaramanga has an appointment in the evening in the Bottoms Up Club. However, there is someone else as Bond by scaramanga killed: the scientist who Bond in the previous mission was to track down, is the victim of scaramanga. Scara mangoes henchman Nick Nack the dwarf (Hervé Villechaize, later best known for the television series Fantasy Island) steals the solex agitator, an important part of the technique of solar energy to win. Bond is taken away by a certain Lieutenant Hip, which, however, turns out to be an agent of MI6 and lead him to the local station (in a shipwreck) brings.

Bond realizes that the bullet sent to MI6 was false: if he had had to kill scaramanga Bond that can do that night after all. Hip is, however, found out that Gibson until recently worked for Hai Fat, a businessman inBangkok. Bond considers it unlikely that the two have met each other (so Hai Fats hands stay clean) and this makes contact with Hai Fat, in which he impersonates scaramanga, complete with fake third nipple. Hai Fat has, however, met and scaramanga lures Bond in the fall. Bond is to Hai Fats school for martial arts in order to be killed in fighting there. He escapes however, using Hip (whose nieces karate experts prove) and eventually escape with a motorboat. Hai Fat, scaramanga has made that his companion, decides to go into hiding but is shot dead by scaramanga himself. The killer then goes with the solex agitator off.

Federal Research is stuck and he is gearing up for a romantic evening with Goodnight (who also was sent to Bangkok). The plans, however, are unexpectedly interrupted as Andrea Else suddenly entered his hotel room. She is terrified of scaramanga and had sent the bullet to MI6 in the hope that James Bond would kill him. Bond seemed to her the only that scaramanga could beat: scaramanga knows him and is all admiration for Bond. Else to steal the solex agitator and promises to deliver if he kills Bond to scaramanga.

Bond has met with thai bokswedstrijd, where else during a Hip keeps an eye out, disguised as peanut seller. Otherwise, however, shot down and sit next to Bond to scaramanga comes to express him his respect to warn and to interfere. Nevertheless, Bond manages to find the solex agitator and via Hip way to smuggling. Hip gives the device to Goodnight by and says her that Bond who is held hostage by a dwarf. As a result, recognize Goodnight Nick Nack if he comes out and tries to stop a car in Scara transmitter is kidnapped, but mangoes. Bond steals a car, containing his old acquaintance Sheriff J.W. Pepper who happens to be in Bangkok was on vacation, and put the pursuit. However, in scaramanga succeeds to his car in time to build to an airplane.

Via the transmitter detects the MI6 where Scara mangoes island lies. Because the island is not officially in Chinese waters so he speaks back, Bond with M off to go there without officially know that M. On the island he is welcomed by scaramanga, which Bond invites for dinner. Then wants scaramanga an old-fashioned duel with Bond. In doing so he tied lures his training House. However, Bond succeeds in there to swapping with awax figure of himself so he can lure scaramanga in the fall and shooting down. Goodnight has meanwhile a technician of scaramanga thrown into a vat of helium so Scara mangoes power plant threatens to explode.Bond manages to remove the solex agitator in time and flight with Goodnight on Scara mangoes jonk. Nick Nack tries to attack them, but is referred to by Bond overpowered and imprisoned.

Origin title[Edit]Edit

The title The Man with The Golden Gun refers to the nickname of Francisco scaramanga.

Film Locations[Edit]Edit

Division Of Roles[Edit]Edit

Actor Character
Roger Moore James Bond
Bernard Lee M
Lois Maxwell Miss Moneypenny
Desmond Llewelyn Q
Christopher Lee Francisco Scaramanga
Britt Ekland Mary Goodnight
Maud Adams Andrea Anders
Hervé Villechaize Nick Nack
Clifton James J.W. Pepper
Richard Loo Hai Fat
Soon-Tek Oh Lieutenant Hip

Book and film[Edit]Edit

  • The film shows only few similarities to the novel. The main agreements are the villain scaramanga and Mary Goodnight.
  • Mary Goodnight in the novel is much less awkward.
  • Scaramanga uses in the novel a golden revolver; in the movie it's a gun where only one bullet in May.
  • The novel plays in Jamaica; the film in Southeast Asia.
  • In the novel must liquidate Bond scaramanga. In the film he goes alone scaramanga searching and running it in addition also to the Solex-agitator.

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