The magic finger is a children's story by Roald Dahl, that in 1966 was published and in 1975 translated by Harriët Freezer in the Dutch appeared. The Dutch Edition from 1975 was illustrated by Tom Eyzenbach, starting from the fourteenth pressure from 1998 by Quentin Blake. English-language editions are also illustrated by William Pene du Bois and Tony Ross.

Brief summary[Edit]Edit

The main character is an eight-year-old girl, who has a special gift. If they get angry, she gets it's called and then it has a "magic finger". Who used them against the neighbors, the Kreitjes family, who like to hunt ducks. If they have hunted once again, four ducks on them. They manage not to shoot. The four ducks take their House over and over itself get them wings instead of arms. The Kreitjes family turns out to be able to fly and they manage to build a nest. They spend the night in it, but it is severe weather. The next morning the ducks with guns on them to shoot them. Kreitjes the family promises that it would keep on hunting. Then they are again ordinary people. While the family is working to save the shotguns broken Kreitjes, hear the main character shoot again. It is the family Kremer...

Film Adaptation[Edit]Edit

In the 1980s, there is an animated film made in the Dutch version pronunciation by Loes Luca.

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