The Love Boat is an American television series that is on a cruise ship is playing. The series of American society ABC Television Network aired from 1977 to 1986 . In the Netherlands, the series for the first time at the VARA .

Most of the recordings were made ​​on the Pacific Princess . Was executive producer Aaron Spelling . The series revolves around a cruise ship whose passengers and crew experience romantic adventures. The series had known actors regularly a guest. Every part of the episode consists of three different storylines, which was written and directed by different authors, respectively. directors. In contrast to other series, there was no overlap between the storylines. Sometimes gave often friction, for example Julie McCoy of clothing in welcoming and dropping of passengers of different storylines. However, there are also three episodes with storylines by different writers, but with one director. The different storylines overlap partly because of the characters storylines sometimes walk past each other or sit at the captain's table at dinner. The series was based on a series from the years 1956-1960: The Gale Storm Show . A film was made ​​(in 1990), after the show had ended, with the title: The Love Boat: A Valentine Voyage (1990).

There was a sequel series, Love Boat: The Next Wave, produced and aired from 1998 to 1999 , with other actors, but with guest roles for the actors from the original series.

Demolition of the ship Edit

In March 2012, MS Pacific as the ship now called officially, sold for 2.5 million euros to the Turkish company Cemsan that the ship was going to demolish. It had been two years anchor located in Genoa because of a seizure, because the cost of the asbestos removal could not be fulfilled. [1] In August 2013 it became known that MS Pacificarrived in Turkey to be scrapped. It was in such bad condition that renovation was too expensive. [2]

Cast Edit

  • Gavin MacLeod - Captain Merrill Stubing
  • Bernie Kopell - Dr. Adam "Doc" Bricker
  • Fred Grandy - Burl "Gopher" Smith
  • Ted Lange - Bartender Isaac Washington
  • Lauren Tewes - Cruise Director Julie McCoy (1977-84)
  • Jill Whelan - Vicki Stubing, the captain's daughter (1979-86)
  • Pat Klous - Cruise Director Judy McCoy (1984-86)
  • Ted McGinley - Ashley "Ace" Covington Evans (1984-86)
  • Marion Ross - Emily Hayward Stubing (1986)


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