The Lavender Hill Mob is a British comedy film from 1951 , directed by Charles Crichton and starring Alec Guinness and Stanley Holloway.

Screenwriter T.E.B. Clark based the original screenplay for the film on an idea that he got in the research for the film Pool of London (1951) about a jewel theft.

The film was a worldwide hit and was awarded a BAFTA Award for best film and an Academy Award for the screenplay. Although she has a small role, but it was the first major film for actress Audrey Hepburn. In 2011 the film digitally restored.


[hide]*1 Story


The shy Henry Holland has been working for 20 years at a company for gold transportation. He gets no rating despite the fact that Holland is completely devoted to his company. He checks each detail and makes his colleagues crazy with his panic attacks about suspicious cars that follow the goudtransport cars. But behind this facade of duty is Holland for years working on the perfect plan to steal a million pounds of gold. The big problem, however, is that it is impossible because of the large risks to the gold on the black market to sell. Holland, however, has no idea how he can smuggle the gold out of the country. The solution comes by itself as a new boarder, Alfred Pendlebury, takes up residence in the guesthouse of Holland. Pendlebury is the owner of a foundry that produces and sells all kinds of souvenirs, not only in England, but also abroad. For Holland, this is the solution, he wants the gold melting down in the Foundry to paperweights in the form of the Eiffel Tower. He decides to present his idea to Pendlebury and both men start planning.

If it turns out that Holland will be transferred to another Department, the plans forward in the misdadigersduo spe should scroll. They recruit two criminals, Lackery Wood and Shorty Fisher, which must act as accomplices in the robbery. Holland's plan works perfectly and bring the gold over Wood and Fisher to the van of Pendleton and then to his Foundry. To prevent Holland suspected, is he supposedly attacked and nearly drowned during the robbery. He grows into the hero of the day. De recherche listens to him and can be completely up the garden path by the bank clerk. Holland gives all kinds of misleading information and the police think that there a mysterious mastermind behind the roof is. While Holland is interrogated and praised and the police on the wrong track, melting the gold to Pendleton miniature Eiffel Towers. Then be shipped to France, the so-called precious paperweights for sale in the kiosks in Paris. They are equipped with a special announcement that they will not be

But the saleswoman of the souvenir shop at the Eiffel Tower understands the message wrong and places the gold Eiffel Towers in her kiosk. Soon she has six sold to a group of English school girls. Pendlebury and Holland have to head over to the ferry in Calais to the girls to figure it out. She does all kinds of delays but missing the boat. They travel to London and know there most Eiffel turrets to figure out and exchange it for an identical copy, metal and ten shilling. However, a girl has her gold copy given to her friend, a police officer. Hendon Police College police officer who works on which the police inspector who investigates the gold roof. The Inspector has already suspicion regarding Pendletons foundry and the Golden Eiffel Tower is enough to confirm his suspicion. Pendleton plays high stakes and jerks the Eiffel Tower from the hands of its new owner. A police car along with Holland he in flight. Eventually he is arrested, but Holland knows to move to Rio de Janeiro. There, he later also arrested.

Division Of Roles[Edit]Edit


Lavender Hill is a street in the District of Battersea in South London, near Clapham Junction station. The gang members beat their battle on Lavender Hill.


Leading Roles[Edit]Edit

Alec Guinness international fame in 1949 had harvested with the comedy of the British Ealing studio Child Hearts and Coro nets in which he played eight different characters. To get away from comedy, he played then in the melancholic drama Last Holiday (1950) and the historical film The Mudlark as the British Prime Minister Disraeli. It was not a success and in 1951 Guinness returned quickly back to the Ealing studios for a new comedy The Lavender Hill Mob. For the film were some great names of British cinema hired. For example, Stanley Holloway, was one of the well-known stars of the Ealing studios and would later on stage and film give shape to the character Alfred p. Doolittle from My Fair Lady. Sid James had already played dozens of roles in feature films. Later he became famous in England with the very popular ' Carry on... ' films, in which he frequently acted.

Supporting Roles[Edit]Edit

Audrey Hepburn was In 1951 another actress who had played only some small roles in lesser known films. The intention was that now she would get her first major role in a big studio movie. But the recording period fell unhappy enough with the obligations that Hepburn had on the scene, so its role is limited to a short scene in which she one sentence says. Another actor who made his debut was also Robert Shaw, his role (a police laboratory technician) was initially larger. However, most of his scenes ended up on the ground of the editing studio.


A meaningless male[Edit]Edit

Screenwriter T.E.B. (Thomas Ernest Bennett), "Lynette" Clarke was one of the best-known screenwriters of the Ealing Studios. He was a former newspaper columnist who in 1939 had wanted to take service in the British army. He was refused when he signed up to the police. His experiences as an agent gave him new inspiration to write and soon he developed into author of crime stories and scenarios. After the war he became the head Michael Balcon of Ealing, attracted to working for the studio. It was commissioned to write a screenplay for him Balcon a crime film that would play around the docks of the Pool of London. The Pool is located on the Thames between London Bridge and Tower Bridge and also includes the financial centre of London, The City. Clarke did research in the area and became intrigued by the vans that gold bars transports to banks. One of the details that stuck was the appearance of one of the escorts, a meaningless little man that was in charge of the transports. Clarke got inspiration to write a scenario in which a similar male robs the gold transportation.

The Golden idea[Edit]Edit

Clarke discussed the idea with Bacon that is right a good comedy in saw. Pool of London he got Clarke of af (it eventually became a successful film in 1951) and put him on the new project The Lavender Hill Mob.Clarke discussed his film idea with representatives of the Bank of England. What he missed was the way the boring bank clerk from the scenario a million pounds in gold went to steal. One of the employees of the Bank came up with the idea, the gold would be melted down to souvenirs and trafficked out of the country. Clarke was able to work. The only procedure in its screenplay by the studio was the end. Initially left Clarke the four thieves escape with the loot abroad, but Ealing was here not happy with it. They wanted to sell to the US film also and there was the Hays code in force, Hollywoods own self-censorship. The code forbade films in which crime paid off, so had to Clarke with a heavy heart are criminals arrested.


The film was largely shot on location in London and Paris. Remarkable is the still not concealed damage of the bombing from the Second World War in London. It was recorded in the Bank Underground Station, the Bank of England, Threadneedle Street, Bramley, Bramley Road, Arms Pub in Notting Hill, Cheapside, Carlton Road, Ealing (pedestrian crossing), Gunnersbury Park, Queen Victoria Street, Blackfriars, RAF Northolt, Ruislip, the Seine and the Eiffel Tower in Paris.


The film won an Academy Award for best screenplay and a BAFTA for best British film. Guinness was nominated for an Academy Award for

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