The Hand That Rocks the Cradle is a 1992 thriller film directed by Curtis Hanson, starring Rebecca De Mornay. The film was nominated for the Saturn Award for best horror film, best actress (Rebecca De Mornay) and best supporting actress for (Julianne Moore). The film grossed $ 88.036.683,-on.


Claire Bartel is pregnant with her second child. When checked by her gynecologist Dr. Mott groped her on a clear sexual way. Claire tells this to her husband and they decide to submit a criminal complaint. Four other women also serve a criminal complaint. Dr. Mott commits suicide. The insurance company refuses payment to his heavily pregnant wife, and on doctor Motts possessions is seized. Mrs Mott Gets a miscarriage as a result of the emotional load of this situation. In the hospital she sees on tv that Claire Bartel is the one who has brought the matter to the roles.

Claire Gets a son, Joey. The family hires the mentally handicapped Solomon in for some manual work to do around the House. At that time she comes a Peyton Flanders against, who is looking for the Bartels, because they would have heard that that would need a nanny. Peyton seems perfect for the job: she loves her daughter Claire Emma against the school bus so that can give her coat, and they still prevents just in time that Joey is choking in an earring. Peyton is of course directly adopted. When Claire doesn't know is that Peyton the earring had deliberately stopped as good ornamental in Joeys mouth to do. Because Peyton is actually Mrs Mott that Claire blames that they all, in particular, has lost her baby. By infiltrate in the family she hopes to get a chance to take revenge .

That chance seems all right away to come: Peyton sneaks Joeys bedroom in to him with a pillow to strangle. However, they consider, thinking of her own dead baby, and instead gives him the breast (she is all the while continue flasks). As a result, Joey doesn't pull more in its mother's milk. She decides to take revenge on Claire before ultimate, to subvert the family slowly.

During a dinner with friends tells Claire that she has a ' nanny '. Her best friend Marlene is not a big fan of here, if only because of the idea just to let a complete stranger in the family on such a sensitive position. She quotes from the poem The Hand That Rocks the Cradle by William Ross Wallace: "The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world."

Peyton lets Emma secretly at night watching movies with her in the room, on condition that this remains their special ' secret '. Emma also protects them against a teaser at school, which she threatens to pull the head of the ' hull '. Peyton steals an important letter from Michael further that Claire should click. Claire touches such in the stress that they get a asthmaattack. Afterwards, they also secretly empties all inhalers so that Claire has no medicine more next time and hopefully will continue for her in.

The disabled Solomon recognises that Peyton evil in the sense, but Peyton threatens him in such a way that he dares to take nothing. Nevertheless he eliminated, so says Peyton against Claire that she finds that Solomon Emma ' strange ' touch it, and hiding one of her panties in Solomons stuff. Peyton will make Claire the underwear, and Solomon is ousted. As Emma Peyton asks why Solomon, on whom she was crazy to leave, says Peyton that MOM no longer in Solomon House wanted. Emma then says that they hate Mommy.

Claire is somewhat down and Peyton suggests to Michael along with Marlene to organize a ' surprise party ' for its cheer. This means that Michael meets Marlene outside Claire's to know to to arrange it, because it has to be a surprise. Peyton makes sure that Claire knows this and places it in a questionable context, knowing that Michael and Marlene have been in their junior year in high school a bunch of long ago. Claire hits there so convinced that the two have again picked up their old romance, which leads to an emotional outburst against Michael. She cries and screams that Marlene is Michael ' fucking ', while behind the door and within hearing range Marlene, the children and all friends are waiting. The party has gone bad.

Michael and Claire plans a weekend away with the kids, to recover. Peyton sees the danger and put a boobytrap for Claire. The adjustable roof of the greenhouse is opened by means of a kasdeur connected to the construction. If someone opens the door is the roof close, breaks the glass, and the person is impaled by the falling glass. However, in the fall but not Claire Marlene: Marlene unmask Peyton as Mrs Mott, and if they try to warn Claire says Peyton is that those in the greenhouse. Marlene rushes to the greenhouse and is killed by the booby trap. Peyton takes the children out walking, and when Claire sees that Marlene is dead she gets a severe asthma attack. Because all inhalers now empty she gets unconscious and she needs to be hospitalized.

During the absence of Claire tries to trick Michael Peyton, but without success. After Claire discovers that her dismissal Marlene just before her death has left an urgent voicemail. She examines where Marlene was doing just before her death, and discovers that she was selling old house doctor Motts. Claire visits the home and discovered that the baby room decorated as that of Joey. Mrs Mott as she discovers that Peyton is.She hurries home, Peyton gives a blow, and put her out of her house.

That evening he returns back and surprised Michael Peyton with a shovel down the stairs to save. Michael breaks both legs and is disabled. Claire is also knocked down, but Emma takes Joey quickly to the attic, where Solomon had come back, to be made out of concern. Peyton moves into the attic and recommends to give her the baby, but Solomon who refuses, even after Peyton beats him with a metal rod. Claire reached the attic, armed with a kitchen knife, and recommends Peyton to leave her and her family. Peyton falls to her and Claire acts as if she gets an asthma attack. Peyton smiled at her now square off: Claires baby Peyton's milk drink, Michael thinks during sex but not to Claire to Peyton, Emma prefers Peyton as her ' special girlfriend ' over Claire, and itself is they cannot even breath. She turns back to Solomon and Emma to the baby, but currently using Claire to Peyton from the attic window to push. She falls and is impaled on the fence.

Division Of Roles[Edit]Edit

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