The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is a TV comedy that in the United States between 1990 and 1996 to see was on NBC . In the series Will Smith played his first major role.

In the rap at the beginning of each episode tells Will Smith how he has come to live with his uncle and aunt: he grew up in Philadelphia, and after he had ended up in a fight, his mother sent him to her sisters family, the Banks family, in Bel-Air, a wealthy neighborhood in Los Angeles. Here he brings a change in the life of his rich, pretentious family members.


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In Netherlands was the series in 2005 (in the repetition) on display at Veronica, starting from 2006, the series can be seen on The Box, to april 2007. The series was then again to see temporarily on Veronica (from april to July 2007). After the program was broadcast in Netherlands by Comedy Central and Comedy Central Family, it is nowadays to see again on Veronica.


In Flanders was the first series to see, then at TV2 CHANNEL TWO and still later VT4, since 18 september 2012 is the series on display at the successor of VT4, FOUR.


The family consists of

  • Uncle Philip Banks (James Avery), a lawyer and later judge.
  • Aunt Vivian Banks (Janet Hubert-Whitten (1990-93) and Daphne Reid (1993-96), a professor of literature at the University.
  • oldest daughter Hilary Banks (Karyn Parsons), one from the answer lady who often indicated with known height star going out. At the end of the series she has a own talk show.
  • son Carlton Banks (Alfonso Ribeiro), a strict conservative young man who is both the friend if the opponent of Will could have been. His life revolves around two things: losing his virginity and be allowed onPrinceton.
  • youngest daughter Ashley Banks (Tatyana Ali). In the series she goes through puberty, and wants to go to an acting school.
  • Nicky Banks (Ross Bagley). Was born at the end of the third season in 1993.

Other important roles

  • the family butler, Geoffrey Butler (Joseph Marcell). He took care of the wry humor in the show, and often made jokes about Philips figure.
  • Jazz (DJ Jazzy Jeff), a good (but not so smart) friend of Will die in the town of LA lived.
  • Vy (Viola) Smith (Vernee Watson-Johnson), Wills mother and older sister of Vivian.
  • Lisa Wilkes Wills girlfriend (Nia Long), in the later seasons of the series. They were in love and engaged in the series.

Guest Appearances[Edit]Edit

The show has had many guest appearances, the following is a complete list:



  • The taxi driver who can be seen in the intro is Quincy Jones, one of the producers of the show.
  • Fresh Prince in the title of the show was the stage name that Will Smith as a rapper in the 1980s used.
  • In the House where the Banks family lives is the "White House" but they have the much about that in the first season President Reagan next to them lives while the president normally resides in the "White House".

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