The Fog is a American horror/mysteryfilm released in 1980 directed by John Carpenter, who also The mountain Trolls Terror from 1958. The production was nominated for Saturn Awards in both the category "best horror film ' and as for ' best special effects '. There appeared a new version with the same title in 2005.


An old skipper tells a story to a group of children on the beach. At the Foundation of the town of Antonio Bay exactly 100 years ago, there would be a ship during a sudden dense fog on the cliffs have been running. It was lured by a light whose crew thought it was a campfire. Instead, they misled the fog, broke the boat in half and all persons on board drowned. Thereupon the fog disappeared and was never seen again. According to local superstition, the strange dense fog ever back. When the time comes, the dead seamen get up from their buried to sow death and destruction in the town.

When the clock strikes midnight, breaks the exact 100th anniversary of the town on. The Bay is shrouded in exactly the close, luminous mist from the seamen's story.Three men suddenly see an old ship at sea sailing, with shadowy figures on board. They are on their way to the town. Their first victims are the three men, who at the time the fog envelops them with fishing hooks are massacred. The radio presenter of the local drive Stevie Wayne notes that there are strange things happen in the town and sees from her studio the strange fog over the country. She tries to warn in its programme the local population especially to stay out of the fog.

Division Of Roles[Edit]Edit


  • Actress Leigh is in fact the mother of actress Curtis.
  • Edgar Allan Poe 's the lines of text with which the film opens, come from his poem A Dream Within a Dream.

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