The Flying Fleet is an American 1929 silent film from directed by George w. Hill. At the time, the film was released under the title in Netherlands The air fleet.


[hide]*1 Story


Tommy and Steve are two comrades that have just been trained as Marines. There is rivalry as they put their sentences on the same girl. During a flight to Honoluluplunges their plane down and the two men end up in the water. They find broken pieces of the aircraft to drift and realizing that there is nothing else than wait patiently until help arrives.

Division Of Roles[Edit]Edit

Actor Character
Ramón Novarro Tommy Winslow
Ralph Graves Steve Randall
Anita Page Anita Hastings
Claire McDowell Mrs Hastings
Edward J. Nugent Dizzy


The sound film had already made its appearance, but one had not yet enough sense of this medium to make a film in full sound. The Flying Fleet did have special sound recordings for the musical numbers, but there are no dialogues in to hear. It was for Director George w. Hill his first altercation with the new film medium. [3The search for suitable actress was cast as the female lead did not without conflicts. Anita Page came into consideration, but the producer felt that it was too long and found the suitable candidate Josephine Dunn . Novarro convinced him to choose Page anyway. [4]

Filming began on 2 August and lasted until 29 september 1928. It was partly recorded in San Diego, where Novarro and Page for the first time started to go out with each other. Novarro was homosexual, but also knew William Haines was pressured with hiding his sexuality. He was very fond of Page and did end up with a marriage proposal, but she took this not serious. [5Page said in a later interview that they work with Novarro a great experience was made. [6the film was not a great success and that was, according to many a source due to the fact that it was released as a silent film in a time when the talkies began to dominate.

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