The Divine Lady is a American silent film in Oscar-winning black and white from 1929 film directed by Frank Lloyd. The romantic film, which takes place between 1786 and1805, is based on the novel The Divine Lady: a Romance of Nelson and Emma Hamilton from 1924 by e. Barrington. [3he was released in Netherlands under the title The love life of lord Nelson.


[hide]*1 Story


The film begins in 1782. Emma heart is the daughter of a Cook that if model is hired by painter George Romney. She falls in love with his friend Charles Greville, but marries his uncle William Hamilton, a British Ambassador to the Kingdom of Naples. Despite their differences in age and social background, she is very satisfied with her husband. In a very short period of time makes them name in the elitist class of Naples. So is she the confidant of the Queen of Naples. Years later war breaks out. Emma met in this period Horatio Nelson, a young and charming English captain.

Emma feels immediately attracted to Horatio, but suppresses her feelings by getting into taking care of Naples, which is a serious deficit suffers from water and other foods. At one point, however, they can no longer suppress her feelings. What starts with a sneaky affair, grows soon became an open secret. It doesn't take long before they withdraw together. Meanwhile WINS Horatio one after the other naval battle against France and also Emma is committed to the British Government to help.

These features bring Emma and Horatio to London. Emma is initially welcomed by the public, but if it is known that she commits adultery, put this soon to hate. Both the people as her husband want her. Not much later, the low point, if she is denied at a Royal ball who is given in honor of Nelson. Horatio decides to separate from his wife Fanny and draws with Emma to his country house in the countryside. They live here in joy, but that is about to change as Horatio must back in service.

Yet another victory at sea, but during the Horatio achieves battle of Trafalgar in 1805 , he is severely affected and he died, surrounded by his loyal army and thinking of Emma.


Actor Character
Corinne Griffith Hamilton Lady Emma Heart
Victor Varconi Horatio Nelson
H.B. Warner Sir William Hamilton
Ian Keith Honorable Charles Greville
Marie Dressler Mrs. Heart
Montagu Love Captain Heart
William Conklin George Romney
Dorothy Cumming Queen Maria Carolina of Naples
Michael Vavitch King Ferdinand of Naples
Evelyn Hall Countess of Devonshire
Helen Jerome Eddy Lady Fanny Nelson


The Divine Lady was made that the recently introduced a sound film was made. This film was shot as a silent film, but there were background sounds and a singing scene added to the film. For this reason, it is alleged that, although there is no spoken dialogue, the film is partly a sound film in true. [4The song scene was not announced to the public, that it reacted very surprised. [5]

The female lead went to Corinne Griffith, an actress who in the period of the silent film had gotten a star status. According to critics, she was suitable for the role, but she played ' static '. [6it was rumored that Griffith in her singing scene was dubbed. The public reacted shocked and spoke of a scandal at the time. [7The criticism of the movie the studio fell heavily. There were high costs and the budget eventually ran to more than $ 1 million. [8]

Griffith was, despite the criticism, for her role nominated for an Academy Award for best actress, but lost to Mary Pickford for her performance in Coquette (1929). The public was aghast and gave the excuse that they are only for the honor was mentioned and never actually nominated was. On the occasion of their official announcement, of the Oscar nominees fell they are not among the five nominees in the category ' Best Actress '; only later was she to this list. [9Also cameraman John f. Seitz' nomination was not officially. Director Frank Lloyd should eventually go home with an Oscar. His nomination in the category Academy Award for Best Director was silver plated.

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