The Cleveland Show is an American animated television series. It is a spin-off of the popular series Family Guy, designed and created by the same makers who also developed American Dad! .

The series is broadcast since september 27, 2009 on Fox and since 12 september 2010 also on Comedy Central (Netherlands) in Netherlands. Even before the first episode was broadcast, Fox already ordered a second season of 13 episodes, which brings the total to 35 episodes.

On May 10, 2011, Fox announced that a fourth season comes. [1]

Beginning 2013 is FOX has announced that The Cleveland Show stops. [2In episode 20 of season 12 (he's blah-ack!) to see Family Guy 's is that Cleveland has come back to Quahog.


The series revolves around Cleveland Brown and his family. He leaves Quahog and moves to his home village; the fictional ' Stoolbend ' in Virginia. There he meetsDonna, an old school love. She is a divorcee with two children: teenage daughter Roberta and son Rallo. They get married, and his son Cleveland Jr. lives with them in.They also have some striking neighbors: for example, there are the 2 bears Tim & Arianna, wannabe Holt, a couple ultra-conservative Americans and a British family.

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