The Catherine Tate Show is a British comedy series, with Catherine Tate in the lead role. The first episode aired on 16 February 2004. The series now covers 20 episodes spread over 3 seasons. Furthermore there appeared in a Christmas special 2007 and earlier that year, a Comic Reliefspecial. Catherine Tate has announced that after the Christmas special of 2007 no new seasons will be more made. This does not, however, the arrival of one-off specials. The series was shown on BBC2.

The series won a prize six times, including a BAFTA Award and British Comedy Awards several times. Further, the series was nominated eleven times for a price. The entire series has been released on dvd in theUnited Kingdom

Main characters[Edit]Edit

Catherine Tate plays multiple characters, who come back time and time again in the different episodes:

  • Lauren Cooper: a teenage girl who is always in for a good discussion. She saves itself from difficult situations by repeating her catch phrase (Am I bovvered? or Look at my face, is my face bovvered? Face?Bovvered?). During the special of 2007 Lauren dies at a kayaking accident.
  • Joannie ' Nan ' Taylor: the foul-mouthed grandma who constantly swears on other people and other people, including her own grandson. She often uses the catch phrase "What a fucking liberty!HUP! or What a load of old shit!.
  • Kate and Ellen: two kantoorpersoneels members who are sitting next to each other. While Ellen is they want to work, usually by regularly disturbed by Karen, who asks her to guess answers on many questions.
  • The Aga Saga Woman: a quintessential English lady from the middle class. They pretty much cries out for anywhere from and any scares everyday sound.
  • Derek Faye: Derek is a man purporting to be homosexual, but full in the attack goes against everyone who enters there. His catch phrase is then mostly How very dare you!.
  • Janice and Ray: a couple from the North of England, which have a horrible hate on anything foreign is in their very British circle of acquaintances. So make them feel very busy about meals in restaurants with foreign owners, who according to them too expensive or too exotic. Their comment is usually followed by The dirty bastards!.
  • Geordie Georgie: Georgie is a woman who through her colleague Martin try to retrieve money for the charity to which they belong, for example for dwarfs or domestic violence. Martin says than a (too) modest amount, where Georgie not agree. It almost always ends with Martin who is attacked by Georgie. She often uses the catch phrase Every 38 minutes ... and If you don't believe me then log on to the website ....


Other people who played multiple roles in the series include Niky WardleyMatthew Horne and Angela McHaleBrian Murphy (known as George by George & Mildred) played a number of times the role of Neville. Pop star George Michael was seen in the Christmas special of 2007.

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