The Bourne Identity  is a 1980 novel by the writer Robert Ludlum. After this first part he wrote two parts, namely The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne UltimatumEric Van Lustbader wrote the book after this trilogy The Bourne Legacy (the Bourne legacy). The Bourne Identity is a very popular book. It was made into a film twice, once in 1988 and once in 2002. That last film adaptation, with Matt Damon as Jason Bourne, is the most popular, but is considered by many readers of the book at the same time also rejected because that seriously would affect the original story.


Jason Bourne is found by a fisherman with a total lacerated body. He is referred to by the fisherman brought a doctor more often drunk than sober. This know Bourne in several months back to tinker. However, there is one problem: Jason Bourne is suffering from amnesia, a severe form of memory loss as a result of psychological and mental stress. He is many things forgotten about like even his own name, he is not forgotten and that some things are mainly daily actions. The only link to his past is a microchip that in his hip is inserted with a number of a bank account in Zurich. Flashes slowly come back in his head and fragments as he discovers who he is. First he believes to be an assassin Jason Bourne , but in reality never to have existed as the world knows him. Bourne is created by an organ of the American intelligence service to the world's most infamous assassin Carlos the Jackal to lure and arrest out of hiding. This body is called Treadstone 71, and is for virtually anyone unknown. Before Bourne in this project adopted the name Jason Bourne Treadstone 71-he was called David Webb, and he was part of Medusa in the Viet Nam war. Medusa was a death squad formed by the United States consisting of the toughest criminals. By the book is him becoming more clear about his past.

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