The Blues Brothers is a 1980 American film directed by John LandisDan Aykroyd and John Belushi, which with their Blues Brothers-act had acquired fame in shows likeSaturday Night Live, based the film on these characters.

The film is with its budget of US $ 30 million (then a legendary amount) one of the most expensive movies ever. 


[hide]*1 Story


If 'Joliet ' Jake Blues is released from prison, he goes with his brother Elwood to the orphanage where they both grew up. Mother Superior, the Director of the orphanage, however, is with an attack of overdue tax $ 5000 that they cannot possibly pay. The State now threatens to close the orphanage. As Jake proposes to steal the money, he turned down the stairs by mother superior. Jake decides to earn the money fair now.

However, they should be quick because the period during which the overdue amount must be paid, has only eleven days. The Blues Brothers decide to revive their old band. However, that is, since most members now have other, more lucrative jobs. Also is an old girlfriend of Jake chasing the Blues Brothers with machine guns and flamethrowers.

Jake and Elwood eventually manage to get the band together and do them a few appearances, including a hilarious rendition of "Rawhide" in a Country & Western-club house. During a lock action they get an advance on a record deal from a producer. Now, the Blues Brothers to save sufficient money to the orphanage. Time is running out, however, and Chicago and the tax office are far away. Welgemoed go the brothers on path, unaware that the police, a group of neo-Nazis, Jake's old girlfriend, the army, the State police and an angry country & western band behind them sitting...


The film fell on due to the large number of stars from the world of blues and soul that appeared, or in the film occurred. Stars like Ray CharlesJohn Lee HookerAretha Franklin and James Brown gave their cooperation. Other celebrities took part in the movie. Steven Spielberg as Director plays a teeny roll as tax collector at the end of the movie.

In the film, an indoor shopping center completely destroyed during one of the many pursuits. This was in reality a shopping mall that was slated to be torn down. All visitors to the Centre are stunt people. The breakdown at the end of the recording was already well on the way. The scene with the crashing car of the neo-Nazis shot in different locations and heights. It seems as if the car from an immense height falls.

The film, however, in particular by the large number of police cars that drive on the total loss. Leave behind the destruction which the brothers are legendary.


In 1998 appeared the sequel to The Blues Brothers, called Blues Brothers 2000 . They also played many of the artists who had played in the original film.


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