The Awakening is a British supernatural drama-horror film from 2011 and directed by Nick Murphy, who along with Stephen People also wrote the story. Pate won the Golden Raven at the Brussels International Festival of Fantastic Film 2012 and both the SCI FI juryprijs as youth jury prize of the Gérardmer Film Festival 2012.


In England In 1921 unmask Florence Cathcart all kinds of forms of cheating in relation to the supernatural. She is also author of a book about this. Thereby she enjoys fame and a huge reputation this rational. One day's right Robert Mallory at Cathcart to for such a thing. He is a teacher at a boarding school for boys. The building in which the lessons take place, was before a residential home. According to the tradition is ever killed a boy, whose spirit in the building would have continued to wander. A few weeks before Mallory at Cathcart knocked, claimed a pupil called Walter Portman that he had seen the spirit of the dead boy. His story was as figment dismissed, but shortly thereafter he was death in the Hall. Mallory wants Cathcart explores what happened to Portman. The housekeeper of the Maud Hill school is a fan of her book and insisted to her to ask for this.

Cathcart travels with Mallory to the boarding school and there secretly places different investigative materials. Thus, they soon discover that not a spirit, but one of the students responsible for the ' appearances ', which also prevent remained after her arrival. He claims only at high and low that he acted alone. Cathcart know nevertheless sure the boy not only may be responsible for everything. Therefore put them its investigation when the pupils go on holiday. She stays in the building behind withTomMallory, Hill and only pupil. The boy tells his parents that he can not to Cathcart in the vacation because that stay in India .

Despite that the students are gone, experiencing Cathcart still one after another incident. She develops a bond with Mallory. His gruff attitude towards her disappears and he tells her more about themselves. Mallory is facing a huge guilt, because he survived the first world war as a soldier, while his friends all died. He states that he believes in the existence of spirits because he who by his deceased sizes still has around him daily; They literally see. Cathcart tells him about her experiences in the school with housekeeper Hill and Tom. Mallory looks surprised of all pupils are on: on vacation. Cathcart, Hill and he himself are the only ones still present in the building; There is no Tom.

The realization that Tom is a spirit, is the final push that Cathcart's brain needed to do a series of repressed memories come at her top. She always believed that her parents were killed by an attack by a lion when she was very young. Now realized that this is a fabrication; they lived in the boarding school then that another house was with her father, mother Harriet Alexanderand brother, Tom. Tom was not the only son of Harriet, but by housekeeper Hill, born from an affair with Alexander. Alexander turned on a day, blamed Harriet that had donated him no son and they killed her. Afterwards, he set up his gun at Cathcart, who fled through a hole in the wall. Alexander tried to shoot his daughter and mulch, but Tom accidentally killed so instead of her. When he realized what he had done, he shot himself through the head. Cathcart came afterwards go to adoptive parents and her childhood supplanted years before.

Hill may also see her late son. She remembers Cathcart Additionally still like it was yesterday; Tom was crazy about her. Hill made sure that correct Cathcart for the search for the boarding school came. Tom turns out to feel very lonely and his sister is ideal companion for him. Cathcart explains only that they cannot continue. When Hill react with a blissful smile, realizes Cathcart that the housekeeper poison in their drinks has done, in order to add together like ghosts at Tom. While Hill left quietly and dies, says Cathcart against Mallory that they need an Emetic and to find where that is. He can only come never on time with the medication to save her life. Cathcart also realizes that and asks assistance to Tom, who as spirit through walls, floors and ceilings can.

Mallory returns empty handed back at Cathcart. The resource that she needed, was no longer in place. Yet, they have been given and taken, thanks Tom. When Cathcart was on the verge of death, they were found to be able to hit Tom and additionally to each other. This allowed they embrace each other and take leave of each other. Tom let his sister know always with her near even when they can no longer see him.

Division Of Roles[Edit]Edit

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