Test cricket is the form of cricket with the longest lasting games that may be played by ten countries. The ICC decides which countries this test matches can play.

Design test-match[Edit]Edit

In a test match played two innings by each team, in contrast to a single inning per team in one-day matches. A test-match has a maximum of 5 days, if still no winner is then ends the match in a tie. The players wear the traditional white kits. In test matches there is formally no limit in the number of overs or time for a particular inning.

Test cricket Countries[Edit]Edit

Currently only 10 countries may participate in the test cricket. The game level must be high in order to be able to be promoted to the test cricket. The ICC international cricket Association determines which countries these are.

The following countries may participate in test matches:

  • Australia (first race 15 March 1877)
  • England (first race 15 March 1877)
  • South Africa (first race 12 March 1889) (between 1971 and 1991 refused to play against South Africa, other countries because of the apartheid)
  • West Indies (first game June 23, 1928)
  • New Zealand (first race 10 January 1930)
  • India (first game June 25, 1932) (for 1947 Pakistan and Bangladesh belonged to India)
  • Pakistan (first race 16 October 1952) (for 1971 Bangladesh belonged to Pakistan)
  • Sri Lanka (first race 17 February 1982)
  • Zimbabwe (first game 18 October 1992) (suspended from 10 June 2004 to 6 January 2005 and status suspended since 18 January 2006 to possible may 2011)
  • Bangladesh (first race 10 november 2000)

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