Terry Ann Garr (Lakewood11 december 1944) is an American actress and comedienne. She was for her supporting role as Sandy Lester in Tootsie nominated for both an Oscar as a BAFTA Award. Along with the entire cast of Prêt-à-Porter they actually won a National Board of Review Award.


 [hide]*1 early life

Life Course[Edit]Edit

Garr is the daughter of Phyllis and Broadwaydancer-actor Eddie Garr and grew so amid the perils in the entertainment industry on. Although her parents moved with her to New Jersey when she was a baby, her mother moved after the death of Garrs father back to Hollywood when she was eleven years old. Mother then went to work as an Assistant for the Garr costume departments of various television and film productions.

Garr married aspirerend itself in 1993 with actor John O'Neil, with whom she adopted daughter Molly . Their marriage ran after three years each. Garr came during an interview with Larry King in 2002, says she suffers from multiple sclerosis, which she said the first signs noticed during the recording of Tootsie in the early 1980s.

Acting Career[Edit]Edit

Garr made her film acting debut in 1963 and in A Swingin' Affair. Directly afterwards, she appeared mostly in roles as a dancer in various musical films with Elvis Presley, such as Fun in AcapulcoKissin' CousinsViva Las Vegas and Roustabout. In her eleventh movie title The Mystery of The Chinese Junk played Garr for the first time a character that if Susie is actually mentioned by name. Nevertheless she built her resume in more than forty years as an actress now to more than sixty roles on the silver screen plus more than twenty in television films.


* Excluding television films

Tv series[Edit]Edit

* Excluding one-off guest roles

  • Batman Beyond -Mrs. Mary McGinnis (1999-2000, eight episodes)
  • Friends -Phoebe Abbott SR. (3 episodes, 1997-1998)
  • Women of the House -Sissy Emerson (1995, twelve episodes)
  • McCloud -Police Sgt. Phyllis Norton (1973-1975, five episodes)
  • The Girl with Something Extra -Amber (1973-1974, four episodes)
  • The Bob Newhart Show -Miss Brennan (1973-1974, two episodes)
  • The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour -different characters (1971-1972, thirteen episodes)
  • It Takes a Thief -Maggie Philbin (1969, two episodes)

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