Steel Magnolias by Robert Harling is a off-Broadway piece from 1987. In 1989 he has rewritten to a movie scenario. The story is based on the death of Harlings sister and is about the friendship of a group of women from Chiquapin Parish in the southern state of Louisiana.


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Every week the women together in the beauty salon of Truvy Jones. The story begins on the morning that Shelby is getting married with Jackson Latcherie Academy Award nomination. We see the events in the next couple of years, including the fact that Shelby, against doctor's advice because of her diabetes, a child gets in, and the consequences that that entails. The main line is the relation of Shelby Shelby with her illness with her mother and how handles. Furthermore, we see the development of novice Annelle of shy girl, to local sex bomb to an orthodox religious person and the relationship with her husband has Truvy, and the close friendship of the women who are always ready to help each other.

Division Of Roles[Edit]Edit

The play[Edit]Edit

The play, which still runs in different theaters in the United States is completely set in Truvy Jones ' beauty salon. Are only six women, all other characters come onstage. There is also a dj on the radio. The piece, directed by Pamela Berlin, opened on 28 March 1987 in the WPA theatre. It stars Margo Martindale as Truvy, Constance Shulman as Annelle, Kate Wilkinson as Clairee, Mary Fogarty as Ouiser, Blanche Baker as Shelby, and Rosemary Prinz as M'Lynn. On 19 June 1987 moved the piece to the Lucille Lortel Theatre, where Betsy Aidem took over the role of Shelby.

In the spring of 2004, the play was re-released and this time on Broadway. The previews started on 15 March and the opening was on april 4, 2004. The main roles were now played by Delta Burke as Truvy, Christine Ebersole as M'Lynn, Rebecca Gayheart as Shelby, Marsha Mason as Ouiser, Lily Rabe as Annelle and Frances sternhagen as Clairee. After 23 previews and 136 performances stopped the performance.For the season 2007-2008, a tour in the planning. Also in local theatres is the piece still every year to admire.


Robert Harling adapted his screenplay to make it suitable for a movie and the shooting took place in Natchitoches, Louisiana. Some changes to the scenario that Truvy but one son instead of two, as in the play, that there are more locations than just came in for the beauty shop, Truvy's that dialogues were added and that there are also male roles came in for. To do this, were among others Tom Skerritt (Drum Eatenton), Dylan McDermott (Jackson Latcherie Academy Award nomination) and Sam Shepard (Spud Jones) chosen. The launch of the film took place on 15 november 1989 and the film received rave reviews. In the United States alone, he brought in more than $ 83.7 million. The film earned her first Oscar nomination on Julia Roberts (best supporting actress).


  • Julia Roberts in 1990 got a nomination for an Oscar in the category best supporting actress and received a Golden Globe in the category of best supporting actress in a film.
  • The film won (together with Batman) the people's Choice Award in the category favorite drama movie.

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