Star Wars Episode v: The Empire Strikes Back is the fifth, but the second was made in the Star Wars series.  This American film was made in 1980, and directed by Irvin Kershner from a screenplay by George Lucas.


[hide]*1 Story


Three years have passed since the previous film. Luke Skywalker and Han Solo are now an official member of the rebels, who dwell on the ice planet Hoth. Han, however, massively sought by bounty hunters because of its debt to Jabba the Hutt. In addition, the Galactic Empire is intent on revenge after the destruction of the Death Star, and is a great search for the rebels started.

On Hoth, Luke is attacked by a snow monster called Wampa. Who takes the unconscious Luke in an ice cave, where Luke (who is awake again become) with hislightsaber and chops off the Wampa's arm outward flight. On the Rebel Alliance on the same planet notes Han that Luke was no longer comes back, and go seek him.While Han at Quest is, Luke sees the spirit of Obi-Wan Kenobihis old teacher. That tells him to go to the planet Dagobah to Yoda, the last living Jedi Master, to look for. He can Luke further training. Obi-Wans spirit disappears and then comes Han coming. Luke and Han are rescued by a Rebel Alliance Snowspeeder, which brings their back to the.

The Galactic Empire let all AT-AT Walkers on the rebel Alliance attacks. There is a huge battle between the rebels and the AT-AT Walkers. Luke and many others fly in to the Snowspeeders, AT-AT Walkers off. The AT-AT Walkers beat the rebels and they take in the Rebel Alliance. Luke escapes with R2-D2 in a X-Wing, but decides not to go along with the others. He instead goes to the swamp planet Dagobah. Princess Leia, Han SoloChewbacca and C-3PO escape into the damaged Millennium Falcon.However, the hyper drive defect causing them not to be able to light speed . Han Solo is trying to shake off the pursuing Imperial ships in an asteroid belt. Darth Vaderwants at all costs the Falcon and its occupants, and disables even some bounty hunters in. Han Solo in the Millennium Falcon flies a cave on a planet in rocks. If they wait a while, they come out, they are in the stomach of a sample, instead of a cave. The Millennium Falcon flies from the stomach of the sample. Han Solo links the Millennium Falcon to an imperial ship so this ship pulled them unconsciously. So they can escape to Cloud City on the planet Bespin.

On Dagobah, Luke collapses down into a quagmire. He finds Yoda, but who wants Luke initially did not work out. Only after Yoda Obi-Wans spirit convinces, Lukes begins training. Yoda hereby explicitly stressed the dangers of the dark side of the force. Meanwhile, in Cloud City, searching Han, Leia, Chewbacca and C-3PO to the former owner of the Millennium Falcon, Lando Calrissian, to the Falcon to have it repaired.However, a bounty hunter for the Empire behind the Falcon and tells the location on Darth Vadercaptures Leia, Chewbacca and Solo, that. They will serve as bait for Luke. Darth Vader wants Luke frozen in aseeming dead sleep for transport to the emperor. Because this technique he still new, test it out on Han Solo. Han survives it, and being in a frozen state taken away by the bounty hunter Boba Fett to Jabba the Hutt.

Luke feels that his friends in danger. Despite Yoda's warnings that his training is not finished yet, and Luke is very sensitive to the dark side of the force, Luke departs to Cloud City. Once we arrived in this city is he trapped by Darth Vader, who is trying to freeze him and take it to the Emperor since Luke was a strong ally of the Empire can be. This failed and the situation changes in a lightsaber fight between Luke and Darth Vader. After Luke in a corner is driven by Darth Vader, disarms Darth Vader Luke by his hand (and hence are bright sword) to chop off. Darth Vader asks if Luke from his father knows about. Darth Vader tells Luke that he knows his father, Anakin Skywalker, has been murdered. However, Darth Vader tells him the truth; Darth Vader is Anakin Skywalker, and in other words the father of Luke. Darth Vader asks Luke to follow him to the dark side in order to govern the universe as father and son. He added that Luke has no choice anyway. Luke, however, of the platform in the corner let himself fall. Using the power controlled and he checks his fall and he enters a tunnel that leads to the bottom of Cloud City. Luke falls through a hole to the outside, but can still just an object to grasp them. He tries to make contact with Ben, hoping to be saved, but this does not work. Luke, however, can make contact with Leia.

Leia, Chewbacca, C-3PO, R2-D2 and Lando are on a miraculously escapes with the Falcon. When they are on their way to the remains of the rebels, hear Leia the voice of Luke. Leia and Chewbacca tells now know where Luke is that they should return. Once back arrived at Cloud City they see Luke hang out and they save him. They go to the remnants of the rebels, where Luke a new (cyborg) hand gets measured. Lando and Chewbacca leave with the Falcon to look for Boba Fett, hoping to be able to liberate Han. They speak with Luke that they will see each other again on Tatooine as they have found Han.

Division Of Roles[Edit]Edit

Actor Character Comments
Mark Hamill Luke Skywalker
Harrison Ford Han Solo
Carrie Fisher Princess Leia Organa
Anthony Daniels C-3PO
David Prowse Darth Vader
James Earl Jones Darth Vader voice
Peter Mayhew Chewbacca
Kenny Baker R2-D2
Frank Oz Yoda voice
Alec Guinness Obi-Wan Kenobi/Ben Kenobi spirit



George Lucas ' previous film, Star Wars, exceeded all expectations. Therefore, Lucas saw a chance to become independent of the Hollywood film industry, and financed the production of The Empire Strikes Backitself by means of loans and the proceeds from the previous film. This he went against the principles of many Hollywood producers in.

Now that he had control over his whole Star Warsfilms The Empire Strikes Back , Lucas decided not to direct himself as he already had many other tasks, including monitoring at Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) and handling of finances. The Director was therefore in the hands of Irvin Kershner. Kershner refused there first he was afraid that a sequel movie could never hold a candle to the original, but when his agent called that out that Kershner would agree.

After the outcome of the first Star Warsfilm was ILM has become a successful business. The Empire Strikes Back , ILM for new challenges, such as the fight in the snow with the AT-AT's was difficult to film. For this purpose, for the most part used stop-motion . The sets for the planet Dagobah were built five feet (1.5 meters) above the ground so that the dolls had to operate could crawl underneath player who Yoda.

Filming began in Norway on 5 March 1979. As with the recordings of the previous film, the weather conditions in the area significantly against the crew. So got to make the team with the worst snow storm in 50 years.

During production was the fact that Darth Vader Lukes father was properly kept confidential. Even David Prowse, who played on the set, Father knew nothing of af. Mark Hamill, who played Luke also did not know, until the moment when he had to play the scene. Before that, he thought that Darth Vader would reveal that Obi-Wan had killed Lukes father. James Earl Jones, who Fathers voice did was aware, but opined that Darth Vader simply lied.

To the opening scene what Lucas wanted to give more speed, that the credits were shown only at the end. Although this today more happens, was an unusual choice.

The Empire Strikes Back finally came out on a budget of $ 35 million.


Although the film nowadays is seen as the best in the series, the film initially received mixed reviews. From a financial point of view, the film surpassed the expectations: the film had recouped the budget within three months. The film brought $ 538.375.067 worldwide on.

Despite the somewhat difficult start improved responses to the film quickly. Long was this part from the Star Warssaga by the critics and by the fans almost unanimously regarded as the best.

The film is now also being seen as a perfect example of a "good sequel", which exceeds its predecessor success.

Finishing Treatments[Edit]Edit

Over the years the film has undergone a number of finishing treatments. So the effects are polished using computer animation.

An important change concerns the Emperor, Palpatine. In this movie one gets to see the Emperor, when he for the first time as per talk with Darth Vader hologram . Originally, the role of the Emperor in this scene played by Elaine Baker, the wife of make-upontwerper Rick Baker, and his voice was voiced by Clive Revill. For the dvd Edition of the film in 2005, however, this image was replaced by a new hologram of actor Ian McDiarmid, who in the prequel trilogy and in Return of the Jedi also plays the role of the emperor. This order to improve continuity between the six films.

Awards and nominations[Edit]Edit

The Empire Strikes Back in 1981 won eleven Awards:

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