Saint Louis is an American city in the State of Missouri. The population of the city itself is 318.172, that of the agglomeration 2.8 million (2012).


[hide]*1 History


Saint Louis was founded in 1764 by Pierre Laclede Liguest as a trading post from New Orleans and is named after Saint Louis. Pierre Laclede Liguest chose this location because of its proximity to the great Mississippi and Missouririvers. Most of the original inhabitants was of French descent. St. Louis was sold to Spain In 1770. In 1780 thebattle of St. Louis took place here at the time of the American Revolutionary War. In 1803 it became part of the United States and in 1809 the settlement was officially a city.

Henry Shaw opened In 1859 (1800-1889) the Missouri Botanical Garden, a botanical garden would grow to a scientific institution with an international reputation. Shaw gave the inhabitants of the city In 1868 the Tower Grove Park, a city park. In 1972 formed the Metropolitan Zoological Park and Museum District is a cultural district, including five institutes/attractions in Saint Louis fall.

In the 19th century Saint Louis itself developed into an important commercial and industrial centre. Many immigrants, especially of Irish and German descent moved to the city, later followed by immigrants from other countries, including Lebanon.

In 1904 had both the world fair as the Olympics in Saint Louis.

Between 1939 and 1966 took care of St. Louis Public Service co. public transportation in the city.

In 1965 came the ' Jefferson Westward Expansion Memorial ', also known as ' St. Louis 'Gateway ArchArch ' or ' done. This stainless steel hyperbolic cosine (catena, or chain line) of 192 m high and 192 m wide at the base is a memorial to president Thomas Jefferson and the same architect and a memorial for the trek to the West of the United States. The design is by the Finnish-American architect Eero Saarinen, with subsequent refinement by Saarinen, architect John Fred Severud Derar and engineer .

In 1993 near Saint Louis was 144 days under water. The cause was the Mississippi.

In 2004 St. Louis Cardinals played the final of the World Series in baseball.


[1]St. Louis, Missouri Botanical Garden, USA

13.7% of the population is older than 65 years and exists for 40.3% from single households. The unemployment amounts to 6.6% (2000 census figures).

About 2% of the population of St. Louis consists of hispanics and Latinos, 51.2% of African origin and 2% is of Asian origin.

The number of inhabitants decreased from 396.685 in 1990 to 348.189 in 2000.


The average temperature In January is-2.0 ° c; in July is that 25.8 ° c. On average annually precipitation is 961,6 mm (measurement data based on the period 1961-1990).

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[3]St. Louis Arch*Sterling K. Brown (????), actor


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