Spooks was a British television series which was produced by Kudos for the BBC. The series is about the antiterror Unit of the British domestic security service MI5. The title is derived from English slang for a spyghost. The series was for the first time on 13 may 2002 by the BBC broadcast. In 2003 she received a BAFTAAward for bestdrama series.

The show was created by David Wolstencroft. Many famous actors have a guest role in fulfilled, including Hugh LaurieRobert HardyTim McInnernyBruce PayneReece DinsdaleIan McDiarmidEwen BremnerJimi MistryAndy SerkisAndrew TiernanAnton LesserAnupam KherAlexander SiddigMartine McCutcheon and Anthony Head.

Since Monday 20 september 2010 to see the series is with already the ninth season on the BBC at 21: 00 (22: 00 UK time). By now it was the BBC since March 2011 also at it again with the inclusion of a tenth season, the last episode aired on October 23, 2011. The BBC also made known that season 10 would be the last season ofSpooks. [1]

In the Netherlands were series one through six broadcast by various broadcasters. In the autumn of 2012 season seven the VARA sent out on Netherlands 3. Or hereinafter referred to as the other seasons would still be broadcast has been unclear.

In november 2013, it was announced that the series continues with a film titled Spooks: The Greater Good[2]


[hide]*1 Seasons and episodes

Seasons and episodes[Edit]Edit


See list of episodes of Spooks for the main article on this topic.


The series has six to ten episodes Per season of approximately sixty minutes. Each episode begins with a short intro, in which the viewer usually informed of the operation where the unit currently is doing, after which the opening tune is started. An episode ends pretty abruptly because the last shot in the negative appears and is discontinued. The series has no end credits. The reason for this is that in this way the anonymity of life as Spy is emphasized. In the original versions still follows the trailer for the next episode, but in Netherlands is out there cut off (as well as the flashback at the beginning of each episode).

In the first five seasons, the series from stand-alone stories, but there is now a clear thread in, in particular with regard to the private life of the main characters. Just casually told surgery is in two episodes (for example, episodes 1 and 2 of season 4). Starting from season 6 is the design changed and every season has a larger overarching storyline. Not always, but often, ends the season finale with an exciting Cliffhanger.The stories are largely set in London, where the headquarters of MI5 (Thames House) is established (although in the series for the entrance of Thames House use of Freemasons ' Hall). Sometimes diverted to other parts of the United Kingdom (among other Liverpool and the coast of Suffolk).


Current characters with their function within "The Grid"[Edit]Edit

  • Sir Harry Pearce (Peter Firth; 2002 –) Head of MI5 anti-terrorist unit, MI5[3]
  • Erin Watts (Lara Pulver; 2011) Section head, Senior Case Officer, Section D
  • Calum Reed (Geoffrey Streatfeild) Junior Case Officer, Section D
  • Dimitri Levendis (Max Brown; 2010-) Junior Case Officer, Section D[4]
  • Tom Quinn (Matthew Macfadyen; 2002–2004, 2011) Section head, Senior Case Officer. Fired after the failure of an important mission. Later worked on private basis and was hired by Harry to a group of Russian nationalists who wanted to provoke a war between the United Kingdom and Russia, out of the way to clean up.

Other current characters[Edit]Edit

  • William Towers (Simon Russell Beale; 2010-2011) British Secretary of State for the Home Department in the conservative/liberal-democratic Government.
  • Ilya Gavrik (Jonathan Hyde; 2011) Russian politician and a former opponent of Harry.
  • Sasha Gavrik (Tom Weston-Jones; 2011) Son of Ilya Gavrik and FSB agent.

Recurring characters of "The Grid" with their function[Edit]Edit

  • Ruth Evershed (Nicola Walker; 2003-2006, 2009-2011) Information analyst,[5Section D. Threw himself for Harry when Sasha tried to stab him Gavrik with a piece of glass and survived this.
  • Tariq Masood (Abdul Latif; 2009-2011) Techie and data analyst,[6Section d. was poisoned when he discovered who his computer had been hacked.
  • Beth Bailey (Sophia Myles; 2010) Junior Case Officer, Section D[7. Was by Erin Watts in the period between season 9 and season 10 fired.
  • Lucas North (aka John Bateman) (Richard Armitage; 2008-2010) Head of Section D and Senior Case Officer, Section D[8. committed suicide after a confrontation with Harry by of a building to jump into the last episode of season 9.
  • Malcolm Wynn-Jones (Hugh Simon; 2002 – 2009, 2010) Techie and data analyst, Section D. retired during season 8, but came back in season 9 (episodes 6 and 7).
  • Ros Myers (Hermione Norris; 2006-2009) Head of Section D, Senior Case Officer. Andrew Lawrence died in a bomb explosion when they tried to save. [9]
  • Jo Portman (Miranda Raison; 2005 – 2009) Constituting a terrorist held by Ros Myers was shot dead. The bullet went straight through the terrorist back and touched Jo.
  • Adam Carter (Rupert Penry-Jones; 2004 – 2008) Head of Section D, Senior Case Officer. Killed by a Russian car bomb in London.
  • Zafar Younis (Raza Jaffrey; 2004–2007) Junior Case Officer, Section d. kidnapped by mercenaries that secret agents and sell to terrorists. His dead body was Later recovered.
  • Fiona Carter (Olga Sosnovska; 2004–2005) Wife of Adam and seconded by MI6. Shot down by her Syrian ex-husband.
  • Helen Flynn (Lisa Faulkner; 2002) Junior Case Officer. Tortured and shot dead by an extreme right-wing terrorist.
  • Danny Hunter (David Oyelowo; 2002–2004) Junior Case Officer, Section d. Shot during a hostage situation.
  • Colin Wells (Rory MacGregor; 2002 – 2006) Techie and data analyst. Hung by members of MI6 at a conspiracy plot.
  • Connie James (Gemma Jones; 2007–2008) Senior Analyst,[10Section d. exposed as FSB-mol, and killed by the explosion of a portable nuclear weapon that they partly defuse knew.
  • Sam Buxton (Shauna Macdonald; 2003–2005) Administrative relief force. After Danny's death went back to GCHQ.
  • Jed Kelley (Graeme Mearns; 2002) Administrative relief force. Also returned there. [11]
  • Ben Kaplan (Alex Lad; 2007-2008) Junior Case Officer, Section[12d. murdered by FSB Mole Connie James and colleague.
  • Zoe Reynolds (Keeley Hawes; 2002–2004) Junior Case Officer, Section d. Forced to leave MI5 and sent to Chile under a new identity after she was found guilty of manslaughter during an undercover mission.

Other recurring characters[Edit]Edit

  • Elena Gavrik (Alice Krige); 2011) wife of Ilya Gavrik and longtime lover of Harry. Proved to be a major factor in a plan to bring Russia and the United Kingdom at war. Gavrik was strangled by Ilya.
  • Jim Coaver (William Hope); 2011) Deputy Director of the CIA Department in London. Was beaten up and thrown from a moving van by mercenaries who had ties with Ilya Gavrik.
  • Alec White (Vincent Regan; 2010) MI5 Specialist Internal Affairs.
  • Alton Beecher (Colin Salmon; 2010) Head CIA Liaison Officer in London.
  • Nicholas Blake (Robert Glenister; 2006-2010) Former British Home Secretary. Was forced to resign after being accused of corruption. Later exposed as being a senior member of Nightingale who ordered the bomb attack on the hotel where his successor as British Home Secretary Andrew Lawrence and Ros Myers died. Poisoned by Harry Pearce, after it had discovered that Blake was a traitor.
  • Andrew Lawrence (Tobias Menzies; 2009) Minister of the Interior. Died during the same explosion in which Ros Myers was killed.
  • Juliet Shaw (Anna Chancellor; 2005–2007) Head of Yalta and former national safety coordinator. Status uncertain.
  • Sarah Caulfield (Genevieve O'Reilly; 2009) CIA agent and MI5 Liaison Officer. Mistress of Lucas North. Murdered by a Hitman commissioned by Nightingale after she was picked up by MI5 and was unmasked as treason star.
  • Arkady Kachimov/Качимов Politician (Stuart Wilson; 2008) FSB-contact in London. Murdered by Harry Pearce as revenge on Adam Carter's death.
  • Wes Carter (James Dicker; 2004–2008) Son of Adam and Fiona. From the series written by and after the death of both his parents.
  • Dariush Bakhshi (Simon Abkarian; 2007) Iranian diplomat who was murdered.
  • Oliver Mace (Tim McInnerny; 2004, 2006) Head of the Joint Intelligence Committee. Fired after wrong Act.
  • Bob Hogan (Matthew Marsh; 2007) Senior CIA contact.
  • Jools Siviter (Hugh Laurie; 2002) MI6 Section Chief.
  • Tessa Phil Lambert (Jenny Agutter; 2002–2003) Senior Case Officer, Section k. Left Section D after Harry had discovered that they did there non-existent agents/informers.


  • In the United States , the series aired under the name MI5. Also many episodes have a different title than in the United Kingdom.
  • Matthew Macfadyen and Keeley Hawes and Tom Quinn and Zoe Reynolds in the first three series of Spooks, are married and have two children. The former actors in the series Raza Jaffrey (Zaf Younis) and Miranda Raison (Jo Portman) are married, but now separated.
  • Both Olga Sosnovska (Fiona Carter) as Nicola Walker (Ruth Evershed) are written out of the series because they were pregnant. Nicola Walker is from 2009 active again in the series.
  • The second episode from season 1 took care of the largest number of complaints to the Broadcasting Standards Commission in 2002 after the violent death of character Helen Flynn (Lisa Faulkner).
  • There is also a spin-off entitled Spooks: Code 9. This takes place in the year 2013, just after the Olympic Games in London, where a large nuclear bomb has exploded making MI5 itself back to reorganize is through young recruits.

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