Speedway is a branch of court sports. Speedway is the European version of dirttrack.

The sport is not very popular in the low countries, in Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, on the other hand, Poland and Sweden. There are competitions held in these countries complete by professional drivers. It is striking that the toppers in a season in several national competitions and at the same time more speedway teams under contract.

In addition to racing on embers, The sport is also driven on ice.


 [verbergen*1 Motor


[1][2]A 500cc speedway motorcycle

The engine on which to drive on is a single cylinder 500 cc at speedway machine with only one gear and no brakes. The tires should not be thicker than 10 cm. at the outlet at the back hangs a so-called "dirt deflector" which causes the splashing sand remains low. There are two types of engines are common; a Jawa and a GMMethanol is used as fuel. The engine can be up to 80 kg. To the engine is a "cut-out cord", which is a wire that stretched between the engine and the driver is. As the driver of his motorcycle engine is thereby automatically turned off to the danger for the driver (s) and to reduce spectators.


Speed on the straight ends is made. In the curves do the riders their foothold so they don't fall and there is driven by the rear wheel extreme to let out urges.


It is driven in heats of 4 rounds with 4 riders at a time. The match schedule is drawn up in such a way that each rider plays at least once against every other rider. The winner gets 3 points In competitions, the number two and number three 2 points 1 point. Some competitions, such as the prestigious Speedway Grand Prix, be concluded with two semi-finals in which the top two advance to the final.

There are individual competitions and team competitions. In the team competition, two teams against each other. Per race there are two riders from each team. The points of the individual racers are added together and thus determines which team has won.

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