Some Mothers Do ' Ave 'em is a British tv comedy series, broadcast by the BBC between 1973 and 1978. The lead role is played by Michael Crawford. In Belgium the series was called the most beautiful Mothers by the BRT and broadcast. In the Netherlands the series was broadcast by TROS under the title it will your child but being.

The series consists of 3 seasons, including especially the first with very primitive means was made. The picture quality is not always good, where there is a clear difference between studio and outdoor shots.

The series is about Frank Spencer, a very awkward and strange man where everything goes wrong. The only one who continues to believe in him is his wife Betty (Michele Dotrice) and after birth his daughter Jessica. At the end of the series, like his father, he wants to learn to fly. This is of course not without a hitch.

In October is the first season released on dvd, season 2 and 3 come out in november.


  • Frank Spencer makes the most bizarre business and comes in many dangerous situations. Michael Crawford insisted to all the stunts myself, making himself wounded several times.

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