Silent Witness is a British detective/police drama created by the BBC, originally based on the novels by Nigel McCrery. The series was first broadcast in 1996 and is still being made. In the Netherlands the series broadcast by KRO, in Flanders on Canvas.

In the first seven seasons are the activities of the female pathologist-anatome Sam Ryan, played by Amanda Burton, Central. However, the latter left the series In 2004.Two of her colleagues, Harry Cunningham (Tom Ward) and Leo Dalton (William Gaminara), are now the central characters and there is a new character added: Nikki Alexander (Emilia Fox).

There are six to eight episodes per season and the stories are two-piece. BBC One broadcasts usually on Sunday and the subsequent Monday part one part two outs.Netherlands forward those two parts each time with an interval of one week out. In Belgium the series is broadcast once a week on Canvas, where the two parts are broadcast immediately after each other and last from 20.50 hours to 23.50 hours.


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Story Line[Edit]Edit

Call Police and Public Ministry regularly at their searches in the help of the forensic laboratory. There seem to be dissected and analyzed to the true extent of a possiblecrime to figure it out.

Season 1 through 7[Edit]Edit

It is the forensic pathologist Sam Ryan, a role of the actress Amanda Burton. In the first three seasons plays the series is set in Cambridge. Afterwards, Sam Ryan working in London. She has it kicked to "Professor of Forensic Pathology at the University there. Its reputation has overtaken her and she is in demand by both prosecutors as defenders. Sam gets support of her colleagues at her work. However, they are not always mutually agree on the true circumstances of a crime.

From season 8[Edit]Edit

Nikki Alexander, a role of Emilia Fox, is a deeply rooted sense of Justice forensic pathologe. In its tenacity to the truth not limited her research to within the walls of the laboratory. The rectilinear and sometimes dangerous rate that she sails, brings her regularly in trouble, both professionally and privately. Nevertheless, keeps them without prejudice to its quirky views on work as a pathologist. Emilia brings attention to detail more than once surprising new evidence to light. This then allows for dramatic twists in the police investigation. Not always to the satisfaction of the police inspectors in charge of the investigation.

Fixed actors[Edit]Edit


  • Dr. Nikki Alexander (forensic anthropologist)-Emilia Fox (season 8-present)


  • Dr. Sam Ryan (pathologist)-Amanda Burton (season 1-7)
  • Prof. Leo Dalton (pathologist)-William Gaminara (series 6-16)
  • Dr. Harry Cunningham (pathologist)-Tom Ward (series 6-15)

Target Group[Edit]Edit

Given the often very explicit images shown by the anatomical dissecting the victims, the series is rated in Netherlands as a 16 + series.


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