Scarlett Johansson (New York22 november 1984) is an American actress.


[hide]*1 early life

Youth Years[Edit]Edit

Johansson was born in New York City. Her father, Karsten Johansson (1943), is an architectborn in Denmark . Her mother, Melanie Sloan (1951), is a producer and actress, and comes from an American-Jewish family from the Bronx. Her grandfather was Ejner Johansson, a screenwriter and Director. [1[2[3her parents met in Denmark, where her mother lived at Johanssons grandmother Dorothy, an accountant and schoolteacher. [4Johansson has a sister Vanessa, a brother Adrian, a twin brother Hunter and a half brother Christian, her father's son from his previous marriage. Also Vanessa and Hunter are actors.

Johansson grew up in a household with little money. [2she received theatre training to the Professional children's School in Manhattan. Here she got her degree in 2002.

Acting Career[Edit]Edit

Beginning of a career[Edit]Edit

Johansson decided at the age of three, all that they later wanted to be actress. [5she looked at a young age been to movies for adults, which ultimately affected her film choices. So she looked to movies at the age of eight as The Silence of The Lambs. [5at the same age she made her acting debut, when she was in the off-Broadway play to see was Sophistry . [5]

Johansson began her career as a child eventually, after her mother brought her to was feeling how seriously Scarlett and auditions. [2initially, especially her brother chosen at auditions. [5however, she knew in the end to get a small role in the film North (1994), where Elijah Wood had the title role in. After this she played the daughter of Sean Connery in Just Cause, a film that was released in 1995 , which also featuresLaurence Fishburne and Kate Capshaw in played. At the same time, she also appeared in the theatre, when she ended up at the age of eight at the Lee Strasberg Institute. This she did to her eleventh year. [5]

After they opposite Sarah Jessica ParkerBen Stiller and Elle MacPherson appeared in If Lucy Fell (1996), she got in the same year, at the age of 11, the lead role in the independent drama film Manny & Lo. It was the first film, which had a budget of only $ 500,000[6], where Johansson had a starring role in. She got praise for the film and was, as a result of her acting performance, nominated for an Independent Spirit Award.

After a small role in another independent film, Johansson Fallin 1997 , had a supporting role in Home Alone 3. In this she played the sister of large and blunt the protagonist, Alex d. Linz. Johansson was not in the previous two parts, which in 1990 and 1992 were released.

Break-through as a child star[Edit]Edit

[1][2]Johansson in 2007

After she was rejected for the lead in The Parent Trap [7]in 1998 , Johansson was first noticed by a large audience, after she got the lead role in the 170-minute The Horse Whisperer. Johansson got, besides a lot of attention, even positive reviews from critics. Variety wrote that Johansson convincingly the uncertainty of a girl of her age and a girl that was just her friend and horse has managed to bring about lost. [8for her role in the film, she was nominated for a Young Artist Award and Blockbuster Entertainment Award. [9]

In 1999 was Johansson again to see next to Alex d. Linz , when she got the lead role of a typical young teen in youth film My Brother the Pig. The film was not well received by the public. So has the film a 4.6/10 on the international movie website IMDb [10and a 1.91/5 at the national movie website moviemeter. [11but also about her acting performance, opinions were divided. So wrote the Dutch Veronica-magazine that Johansson here "the b.a is hanging out" and "Although the teen actors play nice, there is no talent to be seen". [12In an earlier edition they called Johansson in this film a "unobtrusive youth actress who was a young DOE is". [13]

Although Johansson was in 2000 not to see in movies, there were three movies released in 2001 in which she had a role. First came the film The Man Who Wasn't There from.Johansson had a supporting role as a young pianist herein that the friend of her father, played by Billy Bob Thornton, trying to seduce. Johanssons performance, compared to other films, went fairly unnoticed. Although the film was nominated for an Oscar and also 44 nominations, was Johansson not nominated. Variety noted that though Johanssons personality and appearance were strongly developed since The Horse Whisperer, which just a few years earlier, was released. [14]

Johansson was next seen in the Hungarian film An American Rhapsody. Although the film passed fairly unnoticed, she won two Young Artist Awards. Not much later, she was noticed by the public, when they again opposite Thora Birch and Steve Buscemi in the film was praised by critics to see Ghost World. Although most media attention went to Birch, won a Chlotrudis Award and Johansson Toronto Film Critics Association Award and was nominated at the Online Film Critics Society Awards.

In 2002 opposite David Arquette was Johansson shows up as the daughter of Stacy Ferguson in Eight Legged Freaks. The media attention was focused on Arquette, making it again a role was that passed unnoticed.

2003: breakthrough as an adult[Edit]Edit

2003 was the year of Johanssons breakthrough. They not only played two roles, but also praised by critics, she was first seen as a sex symbol. She appeared opposite to see Bill Murray in Lost in Translation. The film was nominated for four Academy Awards and won one. While Murray was also nominated, came Johansson do not qualify. Though she won a BAFTA AwardBSFC AwardSant Jordi Award and received the "Upstream Prize" at the Venice Film Festival. In addition, she was nominated at the Broadcast Film Critics Association AwardsChicago Film Critics Association AwardsChlotrudis AwardsGolden GlobesMTV Movie Awards, Online Film Critics Society Awards, twice at the Phoenix Film Critics Society AwardsSatellite Awards and Teen Choice Awards.

Johansson also got high praise from the critics. The Chicago Sun-Times talked about two beautiful acting performances when it about Murray and Johansson had. [15The Sunday Times described the acting performances of the two actors as "great crooked" and Johansson was also a talented Muse called. [16USA Today Also spoke praised the actress, of course, when this happened to that Johansson wrote and "even better than in Ghost World". [17]

Just a few days later came the film Girl with a Pearl Earring , a biographical film about Johannes Vermeer and his painting of the poor Griet (Johansson). For her performance got Johansson again several nominations, including for a BAFTA, British Independent Film Awards, a Golden Globe and a Phoenix Film Critics Society Award. In 2005 she won a Sant Jordi Awardfor her performance. The Veronica-magazine wrote that the Johansson in the film an impressive depth to her character to give managed. [18]

Because Johansson was nominated for two Golden Globes, mentioned the well-known critic Tom Ortenberg her "the movie star of the year". [19]

In 2012 for her acting performance got Johansson a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Influence of acclaimed acting performances[Edit]Edit

Johanssons renditions of Brill in Girl with a Pearl Earring and Charlotte in "Lost in Translation" made her one of the best known and most in-demand actresses of Hollywood. [5she was compared to legendary performers, including Marilyn Monroe and Lauren Bacall. [5it also brought nasty business with it. So was Johansson after the release of the films "The It girl" called, where they very displeased. [5However went there also new doors open for the actress. She was soon chosen to be the daughter of Dennis Quaid tennisspelende students to play in In Good Company (2004). In addition, she was already working on the filming of A Good Woman in Rome, where they went during the 03/04 Academy Awards. [20]

2004: a changeable year[Edit]Edit

In 2004 there were eventually released many movies in which Johansson showed up. In January, she appeared as brunette Fransesca Curtis in The Perfect Score, a film that was already in production for a long time.The film was labelled a "airy teen comedy" and according to critics was one of Johanssons worst movies. They could not help the film to compare with Lost in Translation and Girl with a Pearl Earring, which were released only two months earlier. [5however, Despite bad criticisms she was nominated at the Teen Choice Awards.

A day before the film was released, she accepted a role in the film noir The Black Dahlia, a film that was released until three years later. [21Also in april that year, she accepted a role in Mission: Impossible III.However, in May 2005 they withdrew, along with Carrie-Anne Moss, back from the project because they would be too busy with other projects. In June 2005 , however, it was announced that Johansson would have withdrawn after opponent Tom Cruise an attempt would have done her to convert to scientology-faith. [22Keri Russell eventually took over the role, after also celebrities like Katie Holmes and Lindsay Lohan were eligible after Johansson withdrew. [22]

Because they had an empty schedule this time around, accepted Johansson at the end of June 2004 the role of Nola Rice in Match Point, which was recorded in London. [5This she replaced Kate Winslet, which nine years older than Johansson. [23this happened right before the recording of In Good Company began. Also two months later she accepted a role in The Island [24], whose recordings started in October 2004. [5]

Next, A Love Song for Bobby Long released. It played Johansson Babybaby Will, a young lady who can show no remorse for her late mother. The film was first shown at the Venice Film Festival on september 2, 2004, while the movie already in the summer of 2003 was recorded. [5for her acting performance Johansson got her third Golden Globe nomination. Although the film received mixed reviews, it was Johansson praised.Critic James Berardinelli said after watching the movie that they the biggest plus point of the movie was. [25in addition, the Los Angeles Times noted that Johansson on a realistic and openbaarlijke way to display an original teen. [26Dutch critics also talked about Johanssons performance full of praise. So told the Satellitemagazine that "both John Travolta as Johansson deliver fantastic renditions". [27]

Not much later, on 15 september 2004, did A Good Woman premiered at the Toronto Film Festival. This was Johanssons first history film. Although the film when it was released, got the film in most countries, including the United States, it was not until 2006 a cinema and dvd release. [28Also this movie got mixed reviews, which especially came by Helen Hunts feat, which was mocked by many critics. [29[30Although Johansson got praise from critics in General, negative criticism was also given. So told the Variety that Johansson gave her character not much depth. [30The New York Times also wrote that Hunt and Johansson both knew many of the English language not baking. [31however, all negative attention focused primarily on Hunt. Johansson also got positive reviews for the film. So the Dutch film journal Filmvalley told that Johansson Hunt trumps, everything seems to be able and effortlessly acts through here. [32]

After the film in november 2004 The Spongebob Squarepants Movie was released, in which Johansson had a voice actress, went in december 2004 In Good Company premiered in Hollywood. The film, which according to critics it is not extracted at earlier works by Johansson, including Lost in Translation and Girl with a Pearl Earring [33], turned especially to Dennis Quaid and Topher Grace, which eventually also got most of the praise. [34Although Johanssons acting performances were not savaged, these were also not noticed. [35her character would differ from that of others, since they, according to among other things the Movie Guide, a normal teenage girl would play with normal teen concerns. In addition, the review told that her role doesn't really matter the paint comes. [36]

Busy schedule[Edit]Edit

Johansson, who in 2004 to see and/or hear the was in no less than five movies, seemed to be no break. At the end of 2004 she was busy with the projects Match PointThe IslandThe Black Dahlia and Mission: Impossible 3, from which they had withdrawn then. On 31 december 2004 made her mother then also known that she was afraid that her daughter would be sick because they have so much would work. She would have even asked her to take a break. Johansson then gave also to be a workaholic. She mentioned that she was not able to take a vacation, only to her work because then they would think. [37however, she seemed to take the advice of her mother, then on 13 January 2005 was announced that Johansson had been involved in a car accident on the way to holiday. [38]

Johansson soon picked up the thread again and decided on 25 January 2005 even between the filming by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences ' Scientific and Technical Awards to present. [39the Awards were finally held on 12 February 2005 . [40in addition, Johansson also by her then-colleague Tom Cruise featured at the studio for a role in Indiana Jones 4. [41Johansson was also considered to shine in the film V for Vendetta and was briefly a member of the team of Thumbsucker, but left the project before this came into production. [42]

Around this time was Johansson still working on filming the The Islandcosting $ 126.000.000. The film was a mixture of action and science fiction, which Johansson, who played comic and drama roles, only bad could handle. So she walked to end March 2005 a periosteal inflammation on by her intensive physical training. Johansson then revealed that they therefore wanted to start fitness. [43]

Collaboration with Woody Allen & first action movie[Edit]Edit

After filming there on sat, departed Johansson in april 2005 to Bulgaria for the recordings of The Black Dahlia. Around this time it was already known that Match Point would get a release on the Cannes Film Festivalin France on 12 may 2005. As a result, did the Director of the film, Woody Allen, though many interviews about the film, in which he released that he is confident about the success of the film because of the "strong acting performances of Johansson". [44ten days later, on 2 may 2005, he was already announced that Johansson has given the leading role in his next film, Scoop. [45All found her fit for the film, which was a comedy, because he became friends during the filming of Match Point with her hit and he told that he found her incredibly funny. [46]

After Match Point , Johansson, both got was released, All the other actors as the movie itself good criticisms. Johansson was described as "bombshell". [47The Variety wrote that "Johansson thanks to a combination of sexual appearance, uncertainty and emotionality, a look of beauty has an indelible tragic". [48The New York Times told that Jonathan Rhys-Meyers and Johansson one of the best acting performances in the recent films of all. [49Johansson also knew Dutch to impress critics. So the Dutch film journal Filmvalley told that Johansson "impression as the bold Nola". [50Johansson received for her portrayal of Nola Rice her fourth Golden Globe nomination. In addition, she was also nominated at the Chicago Film Critics Association Awards.

Hereinafter referred to as left Johansson again to the recordings of London for Scoop, in which she played next to Hugh Jackman . Filming took place there in June and July 2005. [5after this, she returned to the United States in order to promote The Island , which was released on 11 July 2005 in New York City. Because it was a large blockbusterfilm , in which Johansson opposite to see Ewan McGregor was, she appeared in numerous magazines and she did a lot of interviews. [5In an attempt to make the film even more successful, she asked Director Michael Bay or they might do a nude scene. This should not, however, because the movie had a film censorship with a low limit. Bay told later to magazines that Johansson clearly showed that she was not happy with it. He called her a "tough Lady". [51]

The Island was not a success. In the United States brought the film only $ 36.000.000 on and got bad criticisms also Johansson. So gave producer Walter Parkes to blame for the failure of the film completely to McGregor and Johansson, who would have no trouble put into the movie. [52Also the Variety made it clear to be disappointed in the acting performance of Johansson. [53however, knew to appreciate the film some critics, such as the Chicago Sun-Times, who told that McGregor and Johansson a good performance as silly creatures. [54]

Johansson was next, especially busy with other projects. So it seemed in October 2005 that Johansson would be beside to see Owen Wilson in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. This turned out to be not the case. [55]not much later, on 11 november 2005, was, however, confirmed that Johansson had gotten the lead role in The Nanny Diaries. [56around this time, she was also briefly linked to play the Bond girl in Casino Royale.However, she was never seriously considered. [57Furthermore, she accepted on 19 may 2006 Brilliantin the role. [58just before Scoop was released, she took on 18 July 2006 also the role opposite Natalie Portmanand Eric Bana, who was then already cast were, to play in The Other Boleyn Girl. [59this filming took place in England. [5around this time, also the project deleted Borgia , where she had a role in. [5they Also refused on 27 July 2006 to shine in Andrew Lloyd Webbers theatre production of The Sound of Music. [60On 31 July 2006 confirmed that she was forced to do this because of the demands of Hollywood. [61]

The film Scoop was already completed on 28 november 2005 [62], but was only released on 28 July 2006. The film received mixed reviews. This was mainly because the movie by many critics was compared withMatch Point, Allen's previous film. The movie would be too simple and Johansson would not be suitable to play a simple student, since they according to many critics here far too attractive and charming for would be.[63however, it was noted that Johansson could cope well with the separate humor of all, without him to imitate. [64however, some critics felt just the opposite. Johansson would not be able to keep this at All and would happen to Woody. [65in addition, the Dutch film journal Filmvalley also told that Johansson had the right tone to take the trouble. [66]

Thriller Period[Edit]Edit

In 2006 there were still Scoop after two more films released in which Johansson showed up: The Black Dahlia and The Prestige, two thriller movies. On 24 July 2006 it was announced that The Black Dahlia, whose filming was completed in september 2005 [67], Premiere would go into the Venice Film Festival on August 30, 2006. [68right before they flew to Venice for the premiere, she was defeated by Zooey Deschanel for the rendition of Janis Joplin in her biographical film. [69in addition, she was tipped off to Lois Lane in Superman Returns to play, a role that Kate Bosworth eventually got. [70]

For the film received Johansson again above all positive reviews, despite the fact that the film itself was not always well understood. The film noir is set in the 1940s and according to critics would have just the right look there for Johansson. [71however, the actricie according to many critics do not show the good emotions and as a somewhat weak. [72The New York Times told that Johansson is an actress who needs that much help from the Director Brian de Palma, the Director of the film, gave this not good enough. [73Dutch critics were more positive about the film. So the Dutch film journal Filmvalley told that "the lack of emotion is amply compensated for by Visual splendour". [74]

Right after it the title role in Mary Queen of Scots had accepted The Prestige, which went filming took place in January 2006 [5], on 17 October 2006 premiere. The film was eventually Johanssons most acclaimed film so far. The Prestige , however, turned mainly to the performances of Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale; Johansson had only a supporting role and went relatively unnoticed. Yet she was praised for using erotic appearance in the film, but again got criticism on the failure of using a good English accent, where she also was punished earlier on in A Good Woman. [75The Filmvalley told that Johansson does not disappoint, but at the same time also did not know how to surprise. [76The told Veronica Johansson not more than an image fill is in the film. [77]

Singing Career[Edit]Edit

In 2008 brought Johansson a studio album Anywhere I Lay My Head with covers of Tom Waits. The album was produced by Dave Sitek. Also David Bowie and Yeah Yeah Yeahs guitarist Nick Zinner contributed to the album. The album received mixed reviews. The first single from the album is Falling Down.

A year later, she recorded together with singer-songwriter Pete Yorn Break Up on the album, inspired by the duets of Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte BardotRelator was in May 2009 the first single. The album was partly achieved by Johanssons manager, Rick Yorn, Petes brother and received a Platinum status in France .

Private Life[Edit]Edit

Scarlett Johansson has been linked to a series of men, of which the best known Benicio del ToroJustin Timberlake -with whom she recorded a video clip-and Josh Hartnett were. She was also already by different sheets, including MaximEsquire and Playboy, among the most beautiful women in the world.

They married on september 27, 2008 with the Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds. On december 14, 2010, the couple announced that they are getting a divorce.


Filmography as an actress
Year Title Role Note
1994 North Laura Nelson
1995 Just Cause Kate Armstrong
1996 If Lucy Fell Emily
1996 Manny & Lo Amanda
1997 Fall Little girl
1997 Home Alone 3 Molly Pruitt
1998 The Horse Whisperer Bobbie M
1999 My Brother the Pig Kathy Caldwell
2001 The Man Who Wasn't There Rachael ' Birdy Abundas '
2001 Ghost World Rebecca
2001 An American Rhapsody Helen/Suzanne Sandor
2002 Eight Legged Freaks Ashley Parker
2003 Lost in Translation Charlotte
2003 Girl with a Pearl Earring Brill
2004 The Perfect Score Francesca Curtis
2004 A Love Song for Bobby Long Babybaby Will
2004 A Good Woman Meg Windermere
2004 The SpongeBob Squarepants Movie Mindy voice
2004 In Good Company Alex Foreman
2005 Match Point Nola Rice
2005 The Island Jordan Two Delta/Sarah Jordan
2006 Scoop Sondra Pransky
2006 The Black Dahlia Kay Lake
2006 The Prestige Olivia
2007 The Nanny Diaries Annie Braddock
2008 The Other Boleyn Girl Mary Boleyn
2008 Vicky Cristina Barcelona Christina
2008 The Spirit Silken Floss
2009 He's Just Not That Into You Anna Marks
2010 Iron Man 2 Natalie Rushman/Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow
2011 We Bought a Zoo Kelly Foster
2012 The Avengers Natasha Romanoff/ Black Widow
2012 Hitchcock Janet Leigh
2013 Don Jon Barbara
2013 Under the Skin Laura
2013 Re Samantha voice
2014 Captain America: The Winter Soldier Natasha Romanoff/ Black Widow
2014 Chef Molly
2014 Lucy Lucy

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